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When I had the opportunity to try out the Kitchen Frontier Infuser Pitcher at the same time I was trying to drink more water and cut back on soda, I jumped at the chance. I was especially excited because infused water seems to be exploding right now, so I had seen a lot of mouth-watering pictures of infused waters online and couldn’t wait to try out some of my own.

The day my new pitcher arrived, I immediately pulled it out and put it to use! I had lemons and limes in the fridge, so I cut those into small pieces, inserted them into the infusion core and stuck it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, the water had just the right amount of lemon-lime flavor to give me a little kick to start the day. It was a refreshing change from just a glass of ice water before my morning run.

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Photo Credit: Candice Macfarlane

My next experiment was berries. My two daughters both loved the berry flavored water, so it was another success. Then I cut up an orange and filled the core with its juiciness. It was the hands down favorite for my girls and me. The longer the oranges were in there, the more delicious it became.

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Photo Credit: Candice Macfarlane

Some other flavors I can’t wait to try are blueberry lime, watermelon mint, and pineapple. There are so many different delicious combinations, anyone can find an infused water to love.

I love that there are so many combinations to try and that the pitcher with its infusion core is so easy to use. It has been great to have a healthy option besides plain water to help me meet my daily H2O goals without being tempted by sugary soda or even high calorie fruit juice.