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Since going back to work after being home with my daughter for 18 months, I have become a road warrior and a (reluctant) skymiles accumulator. With that said, being away from home with less control over my usual food prep and healthy meal selections was giving me a little bit of anxiety on top of the apprehension of a new job and being away from my family. Enter this awesome opportunity to try Fit Snack.

Fit Snack is a subscription box that features a carefully selected variety of snacks that are both well balanced and nutrient dense. When selecting products to include in the box, the company implements a set of guidelines so that the snack options fall into one or more of the following three categories:

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Each box contains seven to 10 healthy items that have total retail value of at least $30.

So how does this translate for a new working mom like me? The same way it would for when I was staying home.

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Busy moms need this box! Talk about taking the guesswork, the planning, the THINKING from carefully balanced and prepped snacks to accompany carefully balanced and planned family meals. With the variety in this box (and ongoing throughout the year in several subscription options), there is just not enough time in our busy lives to duplicate such a process of seeking out such sustainable, diversified, and good-for-you treats to help fuel our fitness and overall health goals. And once you taste the Fit Snack veggie chips (I’m talking crispy green beans, slices of purple sweet potatoes, slivers of squash, etc.), the quinoa chips and the lentil chips selections — you’ll balk at the idea of wasteful spending on potentially flavorless “healthy” snacks at the grocery store. Having so many options sent straight to your door resolves so many concerns we all have — whether our time is spent close to an airport vending machine or around our home pantry.

What a treat it was to experience this product firsthand. I recommend Fit Snack to anyone with a passion for healthy living and delicious food — and to everyone too busy to put much thought into either of those things!

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