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Although the snow that still covers most of the grass and the somewhat chilly temperatures may indicate otherwise, spring is in the air. Do you know how I know? I opened my front door to a big box from Farmbox Direct last week, and when I opened it, it definitely felt like spring.

Inside were loads of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables — broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, mixed greens, apples, plums, avocado, Brussels sprouts, kiwis and pears, to name just a few — that I couldn’t wait to put to use.

Farmbox Direct delivers fresh, 100 percent organic groceries directly to the doorsteps of consumers across the country. To quote its own website, their promise is to bring consumers only USDA Certified Organic Produce, and local USDA Certified Organic items when Mother Nature permits. All farms that Farmbox Direct works with must be USDA Certified Organic.

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Upon opening the box, I was immediately greeted by a recipe card that contained two recipes on each side. One was a Pear Harvest Salad that I only needed to read to the third ingredient to know that it was a winner. On the other side was a recipe for Smokey Roasted Brussels Sprouts that I intend to make for my dad, who is the big Brussels sprouts eater in the family.

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For the Pear Harvest Salad, the only thing I needed to get from the store was crumbled bleu cheese and honey roasted sliced almonds that adorn the top of the salad. The rest of the ingredients, such as cubed chicken (or turkey, as was listed in the ingredients), pears, avocado, red onion and the spring mix were either included in the box or I had on hand. The salad also called for pomegranate seeds, which I tried to find at the grocery store, only to learn that they had not received a shipment for quite some time and were completely out of stock.

I took to the stove to cook and cube the chicken while chopping and mixing the other ingredients. When the salad was finished, I mixed together the ingredients for the dressing, which also was on the recipe card, and once complete, I mixed everything together.

It was delicious! The combination of all of the foods and different flavors, coupled with the fact that everything was fresh and organic, made this salad one of the best I have ever tasted, let alone made on my own.

The rest of the produce contained in the box was just as delicious. I have never tasted sweeter plums, a crisper apple or heartier broccoli and cauliflower, some of which I steamed and pureed to mix in with some of the foods my young sons eat.

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Signing up for Farmbox Direct is easy. Simply go to the website by clicking here, enter your zip code to ensure that they deliver to your area, create an account to set up your delivery, chose which of the three sizes of the Farmbox you want, and customize your box to your liking, allowing for up to five substitutions. That’s it! There is never any commitment. Minimum purchase is $36.95, and handling/packing is $4.98. All of the packing material is biodegradable.

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After signing up, you will receive an email at the beginning of each week letting you know what is being harvested for the current week’s Farmbox. You can then log into your account and customize your Farmbox with up to five substitutions, add artisanal items and other grocery items that are offered.

The deadline to make changes is 3 a.m. two days prior to your delivery day. You can even choose to skip your delivery that week, if you prefer. Delivery is via FedEx right to your doorstep. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to ensure you are getting the freshest, organic groceries, without the commitment sometimes required with other delivery services.

The website also features weekly sales that you can add to your order.

Look no further for fresh, farm-to-table goodies that are delivered right to you, complete with recipe ideas on how to use what is packed in your shipment.