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I was excited to review products from EveryDayHappy. I am the mom of an amazing girl who has very sensitive skin, eczema and sensory issues. We have to be very careful with any products on her. After reading about the company and its line of premium, eco-friendly, safe and natural products, I found it was just the kind of company we love to purchase from. Also, the ease of having the products you want delivered to your door monthly is a wonderful service.

The service from start to finish was amazing. When the box arrived, my daughter couldn’t wait to open it. My daughter loves everything about this product line (as do I!).  She asks for “EveryDayHappy” over her favorite products now! She also wants to save the world so the values of EveryDayHappy’s company made her excited to try out the line.

EverydayHappy Kit

Body and Face Lotion: With my daughter’s eczema AND living in a Utah desert, lotion is a daily requirement. My daughter is also very sensitive to smells. She loves this lotion! It is creamy, light and hydrating, as well as long lasting. She told me it feels like silk on her skin. It has a very light scent. Through the week, I monitored her skin to watch for areas of dryness and flare ups and did not see any!! I have been using it as well and find it to be very light, quickly absorbent in my skin and very nourishing!

Body Wash and Shampoo: Normally I’m quite skeptical of a 2-in-1 product but this one truly delivers a great clean! My nine-year-old daughter has very sensitive skin and eczema. Her hair is very thick and she has a patch of eczema on her scalp. The shampoo/wash was amazing! Creamy consistency and a wonderful lather. My daughter says, “It’s so silky soft!” Her hair was clean, smooth, silky and so soft. No conditioner needed! Her scalp felt great she said. The body wash is very soothing and hydrating. This product performed better than our high end shampoo and conditioner.

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Laundry Soap: We love this laundry soap! My daughter’s skin is so sensitive and she has had no reaction to this soap! No need for bleach or spot stain remover, this detergent took out all the smells, dirt spots and food items on our clothes. The clothes are bright and clean! I really put them to the test when I loaded the washer with my workout clothes. So thrilled to find that, not only did it clean them beautifully, but the fabric looks better after washing it with this soap. I think this detergent will prolong the life of our clothes!

Wipes: These wipes were wonderful. We are on the run so I kept them in my purse. My daughter’s skin is so sensitive so wiping her face and hands with these was a big test. She loved the way they felt and were soft on her skin. The cloths are soft and strong and are great at wiping up messes both big and small.

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Hand Cleaner: The hand soap has a soft, silky lather and was so gentle on my daughter’s skin (and mine) without all the harsh chemicals. She washes her hands often and as a result her hands get so dry.After a week of continuous washing with EverydayHappy hand soap, her skin feels smoother and does not dry out as fast.  She told me that her hands felt super clean using this soap.

Bag: All of our product came with a cute bag. My daughter loves the name of this company as well as the product and loves to carry around her books in the EverydayHappy bag. She loves that this product and this loves the values from this company!

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