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I’m a creature of habit when it comes to eating breakfast; I have a smoothie or oatmeal almost every day, and even my smoothie flavor and oatmeal toppings rarely vary. I struggle with lunch. I never know what to eat, so I sometimes eat eggs or throw together a wrap or just have a whole wheat quesadilla because I’m usually short on time or on the go or just don’t want to make the effort to decide what to have, let alone prepare something. I’m better when it comes to dinner. I like to try new things and really enjoy cooking, so I make yummy, well-rounded dinners at least three or four times each week.

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When I had the opportunity to try out Diet-to-Go, I was really excited! Mostly because I wouldn’t have to think about what to eat for at least a couple of days. With so much to do every day and so many daily decisions to make, I liked the idea of someone else making my food decisions for me. I chose the traditional meal plan and received two days of prepared meals to try.


Breakfast was whole grain pancakes with strawberry maple syrup and turkey sausage. I loved having something different to start my day, and was happy that it was a good combination of carbs and protein. It all tasted delicious and would be something I could eat on a regular basis. It was the right amount of food to get me through the morning without getting hungry but also without feeling too full.

Lunch was chimichurri salmon and marinated asparagus. It was delicious! The flavors were amazing — so much so that I kept the ingredient list to see if I can somehow recreate the chimichurri sauce myself.

Dinner was chicken parmesan with carrots and a roll. I’m a sucker for bread, so the roll really hit the spot. The chicken parmesan was very good and was served over pasta. It was plenty of food and satisfied me for the rest of the evening.

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Breakfast on day two was egg and broccoli pie with an apple. The crust on the broccoli pie, which was made with flax seed, was my favorite part. The pie was basically a quiche and very filling. I ended up having the apple later in the morning as a snack.

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Lunch was Michigan turkey salad and orange mango salad. The turkey salad was incredible — one of my favorite things I tried from Diet-to-Go. It was so flavorful and completely satisfied me. The mango salad was the only thing I didn’t really enjoy, but I don’t really like mango, so that was a personal preference issue.

Dinner was a blackened turkey loin with carrot chipotle purée, Italian vegetables and asparagus risotto. Just typing that made my mouth water! It was a perfect combination of flavors and the carrot chipotle purée was incredible. Because I still had to make dinner for my family, I ended up saving this for lunch the following day. One of my favorite parts of using Diet-to-Go was not having to decide what to eat for lunch.


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I loved having so much variety and felt like every meal was just the right amount of food. The Diet-to-Go meals are a great way to learn about or control portion sizes. It’s also great to help understand what comprises a balanced meal.

Diet-to-Go would be a great option for anyone who is often crunched for time who wants healthy, filling and balanced meals. It is also ideal for someone looking to be more accountable for what they eat in an effort to lose weight, because every meal includes nutritional information. When signing up for Diet-to-Go, you can let them know your nutritional preferences (low-carb, reduced sodium, etc.) and choose between the Vegetarian, Traditional or Atkins-Style Low Carb meal plans.