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After my third child turned one, I came to the conclusion that I needed to change. I found out that I had diabetes — surprise, surprise! I also had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies, so this was nothing new to me. The pounds that I gained during each pregnancy slowly started adding up and did not go away, as I could not find the time to exercise like I wanted to. A full time job, three children (ages 4, 2 and 1), three dogs, a husband and a household that relies on me to maintain it — I realized that wasn’t going to change but that I would need to make the changes in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Just recently, I was given the opportunity to try a few products from Delfin Spa. I received the bio-ceramic capri in black, anti-cellulite cream and tummy tightener.  I had not heard of Delfin Spa or its products so I was very surprised to learn about what bio-ceramic material was! According to Delfin Spa’s website, “bio-ceramic material is produced by combining various mineral oxides such as silica, aluminum, magnesium, and +20 types of ceramics.  These ingredients are heated at high temperatures (2900 F/1600 C) and the result is called bio-ceramic material.”  It also states, “the value of bio-ceramic is that it reflects the body’s own naturally generated far infrared rays (in the form of body heat) and generates FIR to provide a thermal benefit to areas under the shorts.”  Okay, so what does that all mean?  Well, after just a few hours of wearing the capris, I knew the answer: Because the capris help with reducing fluid (water) and toxin accumulation, you sweat, and you sweat a lot!

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My first impression was that the capris looked like scuba gear — the texture and the material. And the smell. They smell rubbery. Delfin Spa addresses the smell due to the neoprene. It didn’t bother me at all and after washing them (hand-wash, drip dry for best results!) the smell went away! The capris feature a Velcro closure at each leg opening that I could probably go without as I never used them to adjust as they fit really well. I received them in a small but after a few weeks of wearing them, I may need an extra small now!

On the first day of wearing the capris, I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary when I first tried them on. I just wore them around the house, doing my chores during the weekend which includes picking up toys, cleaning and the laundry. The capris fit well as the waist covers my tummy area and didn’t roll down while I sat. As I took them off, I realized my legs were moist. I didn’t feel overheated nor did I feel any different from when I first wore them. The second time I wore the capris, my day consisted of jogging outside for 30 minutes. I live in Arizona so that meant 80 degree weather (it was March!). This time I incorporated the Delfin Spa anti-cellulite cream. The cream smells really good. I used a generous amount on my thighs and tummy area as it is used to help firm and tighten skin to diminish the appearance of lumps, ripples and bulges. The cream consists of a natural blend of algae, green tea and caffeine and it feels refreshing after it’s applied. I jogged outside in my neighborhood and felt the sun beaming down on me. My legs were even hotter.  Since this was the second time I wore them, I knew that my legs were going to be moist. Boy was I surprised to find that not only were my legs wet but my underwear was soaking wet! My tummy area was wet, too, since the waistband of the pants cover that area! It’s great to know that I can wear the capris when I can find the time to work out and they’ll work. And when I’m just doing household chores or picking up groceries, they still work!

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My dress code policy at work requires me to dress business casual. So, unfortunately I cannot wear my capris to work (because believe me, if I could, I would!). The next best thing is my tummy tightener! I’ve been wearing it now to work for a few days, in addition to the anti-cellulite Cream, and it works wonders. It holds it all in while the cream works its magic. I also use it to work out when my capris are out of commission (needs to be washed!).

For the past few weeks that I’ve been trying these products, I’ve noticed that I’ve lost about ½” around my thighs and tummy.  This could also be due to the lifestyle changes that I’ve made. Finding the time to work out continues to be a struggle. These products help when I exercise and help when I can’t find that time. I love that when I can’t find the time to work out, I can still wear either my Tummy Tightener or my bio-ceramic capris and pair it up with my anti-cellulite cream and still see results! My family motivates me to do better and be better. Being able to see results by just doing what mommies do feels wonderful!

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