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The Consciously Cool Chick mat is incredible. Right out of the box the vibrant colors and positive message had me hooked. This mat looks like it belongs in a museum on display rather than on the floor.

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Getting bendy the following morning at home was me leading children — so aka a half-session for me with intervals of helping posture on the girls. I have slipped more than once going from a position to another mat, so a mat that doesn’t slip or slide all over the floor is a big deal. I unrolled and nudged the mat with my toe to scoot it over — and nothing, she didn’t budge! Thirty minutes and four trips to other mats later I had not even had a hint of wiggle.

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Two days later I got to do a solo session, and wanted to push myself and the mat a bit. I had a slight hand slip transitioning from 4 Limbed Staff to Upward Dog but after a very light spritz of water per the packing insert I didn’t slide again. Then I hauled to a studio and went to a class that moves a bit faster than I am used to — and nothing. 3 Leg Dog to Lizard, and not a wiggle. Half Moon to Sugar Cane and the dense foam kept me stable, as well as prevented my usual wrist discomfort. On the way out I got several compliments on the great design and softness of the facade. In fact, it took me twice as long to get to the car as usual!

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This mat is five stars. Soft to the touch, beautiful, and completely slip resistant. The only issue I had was keeping other peoples’ hands off! I love it and my children love it — this is definitely something I would give as a gift or pick up for a family member.