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Oooohhhhmmmmazing! This is THE word to describe the tank and T-shirt I received from Consciously Cool Chick! When I opened the package, the graphics caught my eye immediately. They are fashion-forward, body-centered and motivational — and the colors are perfect! The cut, however, was different than any of my other workout tops, so I wasn’t sure how it would hold up.


peace shirt ccc red
When I put the top on, I felt instant love! The fabric is so soft and after multiple washings it still looks new and the retains its shape perfectly! I love high intensity workouts, weights and yoga so I really put these shirts through the ringer! The cuts in the t-shirt and the tank worked flawlessly with all my workouts. I was impressed that I didn’t tug or readjust during my workouts.

love shirt ccc blue

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The fabric is light enough that I didn’t feel like I was soaked in sweat throughout my workout, and it was so nice to run into the store or pick up my daughter from school without having to feel like I needed to run home and change. The shirt is eye-catching and everyone wants to know where I acquired these awesome shirts. This is a must for every woman! The slogan inspires you and you feel grounded just by wearing this apparel!