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Baladea is a great all-encompassing at-home fitness system that allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home. It gives you all the tools of programming, a varied workout from yoga to strength training, and a comprehensive nutrition guide. They even provide you with a resistance band so you really have to do nothing other than follow their system — no other purchases are really necessary.

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The minute the package arrived in the mail I just couldn’t wait to get cracking! The packaging is amazing and just makes you feel so excited to get going and start the program. The introduction DVD is great since, with a toddler and a busy schedule, who has time to sit down and read anymore? So I just popped it into the DVD player and got the lowdown on the program and how it works.

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I loved how you can actually choose out of three separate programs, depending on which suits your needs and lifestyle the most. I chose to do the most intensive program and still managed wonderfully, even with my busy life and toddler. The beauty of the program is that not every day is the same length of workout, and the longest is 50 minutes, which I could squeeze in during nap time/quiet time. The routines are very easy to follow and give you an easy alternative to the exercises, which helps to tailor the program to your ability, and then you can work yourself up to the more difficult forms.

The different DVDs provide different forms of exercises from “Calm,” which focuses on the mind, to “Flow,” which blends mind-body exercises, to “Yoga,” to “Fusion,” which focuses on slimming cardio and toning yoga, to “Slim,” which torches calories, to “Power,” which focuses on strength training and finally “Boost,” with its dynamic cardio and core exercises.  The DVD pack also has a great icon index that lets you know which exercises need a mat, a towel, the Baladea band and which ones are ideally performed barefoot or with good shoes.

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The exercises are wonderful and I loved the diversity; it doesn’t kill your body with over-exercising and I really enjoyed the focus on Yoga and the mind-body portion, since I believe that a healthy, stress-free mind is crucial for overall health.

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Finally, the cherry on the cake, in my opinion, is the nutrition guide that comes with the Baladea system. It is really rare for me to truly like a nutrition guide. I usually find most of them to be just a calorie-counting exercise, but this is different. This guide first explains the basic principles of the system, encompassing hydration and when to eat amongst others. It then goes on to offer meal plans, tips how to prevent cravings and how to boost flavor without packing the calories, food lists, and finally a wonderful range of recipes that even keeps vegetarians in mind. I’m truly looking forward to continuing this program and see more results as I go along.

Healthful living isn’t a magic pill that will give instant results — that isn’t safe or sustainable. The Baladea system, on the other hand, gives you the tools to embark on a safe and healthy way of living, focusing on mind, body and nutrition, which is sustainable over the long term and gives enduring results. It is a great system that I would recommend to any family member or friend who wants a great program to commit to in the comfort of their home.

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