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When I received the Baladea Fitness System, my initial thought was, “Oh my gosh, this packaging is beautiful!” The Baladea system comes in a gorgeous white box with a colorful stripe branding the sides. Upon opening the box, the stunning Holly Perkins introduces herself on the inside cover of the box. The eight DVD collections are neatly packaged in a cute little booklet, perfect for easy storage. On each of the DVD booklet pages, the details about that particular workout are described and the necessary “equipment” is easily understood prior to even playing the DVD.

The Baladea system includes a colorful progress schedule booklet that includes three individual types of workout schedules based on your goal desires. LOVE THAT! A lifestyle guide was also included in the system. This booklet was also beautifully packaged and included beneficial information that I, personally, would recommend people to read initially before beginning the Baladea workouts. Also included in the Baladea system was a 96-page nutrition guide! YUM YUM YUM!

Finally in the box included an individually packaged, pink and silver set of resistance bands. Overall, I was COMPLETELY blown away with the design and how beautiful everything was packaged and the presentation of the system was unlike any DVD collection I have ever received.

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Calm: Calm is a 24-minute workout. This particular DVD does just as the title claims! The workout is very “spa-like” and includes great mind relaxation techniques and an over-all mind-soothing experience. This workout is great for a slow weekend morning or even as a breather before bedtime.

Flow: Flow is a 32-minute workout. In my opinion, Flow took typical moves from the Pilates world and yoga world, added a Baladea twist, and created Flow. I really liked this workout!

Yoga: Yoga is a 45-minute workout. This workout routine was slower in pace but sure can work up a sweat and build flexibility. This was my favorite workout in the system! It was great for a morning workout to feel refreshed but was also great to come home after work and complete the Yoga DVD to unwind.

Fusion: Fusion is a 47-minute workout. Fusion is so FUN! It had dance moves and yoga stretches all rolled into one. This was such a fun and upbeat workout and was a nice “out of the ordinary” type of workout!

Slim: Slim is a 40-minute workout. Slim is a fairly challenging cardio-based workout. This is a fun and upbeat workout that will surely get your heartbeat up, but isn’t overly difficult to understand the moves. Great workout!

Power: Power is a 50-minute workout that includes many steps and techniques of strength training. This was a really nice strength workout! I was impressed!

Boost: Boost is a 43-minute workout. It’s a very fun, upbeat, cardio killing workout! This one sure had my heart rate up and I felt so great after doing this fun workout.

Overall, I give the Baladea system a thumbs up!  The workouts were fun, the instructors were great, and the overall quality of the product was great as well.

Than you Baladea!

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