We scoured the internet and Pinterest to round up some great ways to reduce your clutter by repurposing some of your old stuff. The best part? They are fully functioning projects. Each is designed to help ease the stresses of everyday life. From pancake pouring to filling up your mop bucket, we have all the little grievances covered. Check out these 10 repurposed goodies that will make your life easier:

1. Use an old squeezable Ketchup bottle as a pancake mix pourer. Gives you flexibility to make shapes you want and keeps your portion sizes in check. Love this idea! (photo credit here)


2. Use a binder clip as a sponge holder so it will air out rather than getting slimy and moldy. We do this at the Skinny Mom office now and it really works!


3. Tired of using the wrong key? Take some nail polish and color coat the key according to the door, room or car it opens! Plus, who wouldn’t want to have pretty colored keys on their key chain? Such a simple idea that really eliminates frustration! (photo credit here)


4. Use a tension rod under your sink to hang all your spray bottles and save room. Check out more clever ways to organize that pesky, clutter prone storage space by clicking here. (via Martha Stewart) (photo credit here)


5. Turn your old bread clips into the perfect cord sized labels! Not only will they tell you what plugs where, but they will also create some space and reduce tangle. (photo credit here)


6. Cut a small slit into an old toilet paper roll and clasp it around a used wrapping paper roll. The toilet roll will snap into action and keep the wrapping paper in place! Genius, right? (photo credit here)


7. Use a dust pan to filter water from the sink to your bucket when you can’t fit the bucket into the sink. I can’t believe how many times I have tried to defy the sink measurements, when all I needed was a “funnel.” So much frustration and spilled water! (photo credit here)


8. Old cassette tapes can still hold technology! They make the perfect little cellphone stand. Plus, there are openings to sneak your charger in still. (photo credit here)


9. Convert your old CD case into a bagel sandwich tote. It holds the bagel perfectly in place thanks to the center spike that goes through the holes of the CDs, so no more sandwiches falling apart in your ziplock bag! Just be sure to you cut the sandwich contents out in the middle before placing the bagel in the holder. (photo credit here)

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.52.59 PM

10. Grab an old pool noodle and measure it against your favorite pair of riding boots. Cut it down to the appropriate height and put it into your boot. It will keep your shoes upright and easy to put on! (photo credit here)


Do you have any good repurpose ideas using items around the house? I would love to hear them!