All you need to do is look out any window to see that summer is in full swing! One of the many perks of summer is the amazing weather! Switch things up with your workout this summer and get outside! There are so many options that can spice up any workout, and you’d be crazy to not take full advantage of them! Outdoor running, yoga and swimming are a few of my personal favorite activities that get my blood pumping, but that’s only a fraction of the summer choices. There’s no better place to work out than outdoors, but in case you don’t believe me, here are 12 reasons why you should.
1. According to an article on LifeHacker, those who exercise outdoors are more likely to stick with their workout routine long-term! During the busy summer season, sticking to your exercise regime can be difficult, but exercising can help this issue. I know I like the sound of that!
2. Are you a runner? Research suggests that you stride differently outside. Running outside can strengthen your stride, build up your endurance and get you sweating a lot quicker than in the gym! Not to mention, an outdoor run is absolutely beautiful and peaceful!
3. You can get your kids involved! It’s always tough to find time for everything but by making your kids a part of the action, you’re working out and keeping them busy! A trip to the park or a game of backyard soccer can be fun for the family and an awesome workout!

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4. It’s better for your mental health to spend time outside in a forest or park, according to an article on the Huffington Post. This perk totally hits home for me! Spending time outside is my zen! Whenever I need to get away or relax a bit, a jog outside or just walking my dog is exactly what I need.
5. You use more energy and stress different muscle groups than when you use a treadmill, states discovery.com. Treadmills and ellipticals are great workout tools, but if summer gives you the opportunity to get a different workout in, why wouldn’t you challenge yourself?
6. A change in scenery! Whether you walk, run or bike, every step you take will lead you to something new to look at, since your surroundings are constantly passing by! Make it a summer goal to explore all the nearby parks or forests in your area! You’ll get a workout and have fun doing it.
7. A little vitamin D from the sun can help you feel happier! Just remember your sunscreen, says Inspired Soul.


8. Activities like outdoor swimming, surfing and rock climbing just aren’t possible indoors, and they’re all worth trying! So ditch the indoor workout and get adventurous while the weather permits it!
9. You will be motivated to work out for a longer period of time during each sweat session, states an article on WomensHealthMag.com. When workout out outside I always seem to completely lose track of time, and before I even realize it I’ve been at it for an hour! So if your workouts seem to be lagging, take this tip to heart!
10. According to¬†WomensHealthMag.com, you can avoid the germs that are so prevalent in gyms today. Even the best, most sanitary gyms are filled with sweaty people…and although you can’t avoid this all the time, why not get sweaty with nothing but the great outdoors around?


11. No need to stick to a schedule because you’ll be able to work out whenever you want to. The longer hours of sunlight and better weather broaden your workout availability times!
12. It’s free! What could be better? Working out has never been simpler!

I don’t know about you, but this article has motivated me to hop on my bike and ride off into the Vitamin D filled sunset.