You know all the normal apples you see at the grocery: Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, etc. But we bet you’ve never heard of some of these before. To be truthful, we hadn’t heard of most of them either, but now that we know about them, we are hooked. Thanks to Mental Floss, we’ve got 18 new apples to be on the lookout for. With names like “Leather Coat” and “Razor Russet,” who could resist these little bad boys?

Dog Snout Apple

Photo credit: Woolly Green

It’s apple season again, and the markets are filling up with varieties bearing lovely names, from honeycrisp to autumn glory, with plenty of variations on gold, sweet, delicious, sun and beauty in between. But not all apples are into being judged by some fake-grin, beauty-queen standard. Some apples don’t need to keep waving you down with a name that is really just a desperate cry of “Look how yummy I am! Don’t I look pretty?” Here are 18 varieties that, frankly, don’t care what you think. They know their worth and don’t need to act all cute. They aren’t bad apples, but they are badass.

Gets more done before the end of September than you do all year.

Stands there in the frost without a word of complaint.

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They say in 19th century Scotland a gamekeeper shot down a ploughman who was stealing some apples. Those apples, thrown on a trash heap, sprouted a seedling, and that’s how the bloody ploughman lived on.

That’s right, “heart of beef.” And if that doesn’t sound delicious to you, your loss.

Yeah, that’s what it looks like (above). You got a problem with that?

Comes from Kentucky and ain’t amused by you.

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Will also cut you.

Cold and grim as winter, hard and unfeeling as stone.

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