So why not jump right into your workout? You’re already short on time and need to get done as quickly as possible.  I’ll give you a few reasons why it’s so important to warm up before lifting or doing cardio:

1. A good warm up can help prevent injury and helps to increase muscle growth.

2. A warm up can also help to stretch out the muscle group you are planning on working.

3. It also increases the body temperature and can help with blood flow in the particular area you are training that day.

4. A warm up activity should last from 5-10 minutes. This can include walking, light jogging, stretching, or light lifting or any light to moderate activity to get your body’s temperature to rise and pumping blood into the desired area.

5. Lastly, if there is blood and oxygen in the muscle you are likely to have a better work out and prevent premature fatigue of the muscle.


Your cool down is just as important especially when performing cardiovascular activities. High intensity training is the main type of cardio that I do to burn fat. When doing HIIT, it is important to bring your heart rate back down gradually after completing a hard cardio session. This can help to prevent fainting. After sprints I normally walk for 10 minutes to recover. Then follow by 5 minutes of stretching.

When weight training, it is always great to cool down with a low incline walk. This is called an active recovery. Walk for about 15 minutes after your weight training session. This keeps oxygen in the muscle group while preventing soreness and reducing metabolic waste products. I always like to follow with 5 minutes of stretching to help keep flexibility in the muscles.

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