worried woman covering her face with her hands

Sometimes the truth sneaks up on us, sometimes it slaps us in the face, and sometimes we ignore it when it slaps us in the face.  It can be easy to be in denial about how healthy we’re living. We tend to remember all the times we swapped white toast for whole wheat, but we tend to underestimate all those French fries and chicken nuggets we steal off our kids’ plates.  Well, whatever you’re telling yourself (like “I worked out hard today, I earned this tuna melt”), here are a few indisputable facts you need to clean it up.

  1. When you call to order Chinese takeout they not only recognize your number on the caller ID, but they answer the phone saying “Hey girlfriend, did you see Real Housewives last night?”
  2. Last time you got McDonald’s (which was only about three days ago) you ordered so much food that you felt compelled to order multiple sodas so the sixteen year old at the drive through wouldn’t judge you.
  3. You have to show photo ID with your membership card at the gym because no one at the front desk knows what you look like.
  4. You think the people on “My 600 Pound Life” don’t seem to eat all that much.
  5. You were surprised to see Jazzercise was taken off the group exercise schedule. It was so fun the last time you did it, in 1987.
  6. You hid in the bathroom last time there was a fire drill at work because just thinking about walking down and then back up the stairs made you winded.
  7. The last time you ate veggies was because your local deli messed up your order and put onions in your steak and cheese sub.

Any of these sound familiar?  Of course they do!  We’ve all been there, all we can do is try to be better going forward, so let’s buckle down and get back on track!