When I found out I was pregnant, I knew my running schedule would change. I knew I didn’t want to run long distances while pregnant, but I knew post-pregnancy that it would be a great goal to run a half marathon again. It would be an awesome way to get back into running shape, and it was an achievable goal if I trained properly.

Last winter, I signed up for the OBX Half marathon, that would be 5 months after having a baby. Some people thought it was crazy, but being a personal trainer I knew if I gave myself 12 weeks I could train right and be able to FINISH. That was my only goal, to FINISH. I can proudly say I finished the race on Sunday, felt great, and got a better time than I thought I would! The best motivation to run faster was to see my husband and baby at the finish line!

The moral of the story is that if you have a goal in mind, you can achieve it if you plan properly. You might not want to run a race, you might just want to get into a fitness routine, or eat more whole foods. Everything takes planning, and make small changes each week that get you closer to the end goal. If your goal is to eat more nutritionally, then add in a fruit and vegetable a week. Slowly switch out processed foods for whole, and drink more water instead of sugar drinks. Same thing goes with a fitness routine, start off slow and add in more time each workout. PLANNING is key, especially in a mother’s world where you are not the number one priority anymore, the kids are!