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I am going to first start this blog by saying that I know some of you are going to blast this blog and take my head off, but I am ok with that…you won’t be the first or the last.  I work(ed) in health care and I get a rear end chewing all of the time…so with that here it goes.

Yes, I watch the Biggest Loser, as well as other reality television.  I tune in on Tuesday nights and often times my six year old watches with me.  But I don’t watch with admiration of the weight lost or the inches gone I watch because it is kind of like the big accident on the interstate; you know the one that you can’t look away from.  I appreciate weight loss and I appreciate the education on diet.  But, what happens in the real world.  What happens when going to the gym 40 hours a week is exchanged with working and raising a family for that same amount of time.  What happens when Jillian or Bob isn’t screaming in your face or America isn’t watching your weigh in?  What happens when good food isn’t around 24/7 and the bad food creeps in…what happens when there is temptation?  What happens when the kids are sick or your husband works late or there is a soccer game during your workout time?  What happens when there are not enough hours in the day?  And the biggest question what happens when the weight comes back little by little?  You would hope that the answer is that the former contestants will know how to handle these situations…but why then do a lot of former contestants gain some or all of the weight back?  Well, let me give you my opinion (ha, like I wouldn’t give my opinion)…the weight comes back because they didn’t have real world weight loss.  They had a controlled situation in a controlled environment with trainers and nutritionists and doctors at their finger tips 24/7.  Not real world.  Not even close.

Weight loss in the real world is really very different.  I have told my clients and friends when they have asked about weight loss the following thing “it has taken you x years to get to this point, it will take you awhile to get it off.” A quick fix is just that quick…quickly fixes the issue and then quickly falls apart.  Losing weight in the real world takes mental fortitude, huge amounts of dedication and sacrifice.  No one is there to do the job that pays the bills, raise a family, do carpool or tend to the children.  The show of life must go on and it doesn’t care if you worked out or not.  Losing weight in the real world takes real life changes…getting up earlier…going to bed later…skipping dinner with a friend….skipping a pedicure to pay for the trainer…it takes sacrifice.  Oh and you and only you are the master of the scale; not the millions of viewers watching.  Your weight loss or gain is on you and you alone. No one will know if you have gained or lost, well that is until your clothes get too tight.  I will stop my rambling here and say this…don’t idolize the folks on the Biggest Loser for their weight loss…admire them in six months if they have kept it off and then follow them for the next year to eighteen months and see if it is still off…that is the true testament to weight loss….keeping it off.  Weight loss and maintenance is a journey that really has no destination just little celebrations along the way.  Want a true inspiration…read below.

Let me give you a great example of a biggest loser who has taken two years (yep, you read that correctly 24 months) for her transformation…oh and she is still working at it.  Meet my friend Paula.  Her picture is the one on this blog it spans from May 2009-May 2011..each pic taken one year apart.  I think I have blogged about her before; but after the biggest loser finale tonight I thought I would talk about her again.  She fought her weight and is winning…I don’t think she will ever tell you she has won…it will always be a constant struggle for her.  Paula, works her rear off all while maintaining a full-time job and being a mom and a good friend.  She is an inspiration.  Want to get some real life motivation read about and follow Paula…she is down to earth and gives it to you straight.

Take home message, if the Biggest Loser has been a huge motivator for you to get your rear end moving toward your fitness goals, I want to be the first to say, that is fantastic.  But, don’t base your goals on the weight loss you see

on television…it is not real world.   There are no easy and or quick fixes and when you get to your goal; your hard work, determination and sacrifice will be a big motivator not to go back to your old ways.

Believe in yourself, run your race…everyone’s race course is different as well as their finish line. Don’t base your results or the number on the scale on someone else.  Be your own champion!