I consider myself a FULL-TIME mom! I am active and engaged with my children as much as I am able to! With that being said, how on earth do I manage time to get my workout in when I rarely have time go to the bathroom ALONE. (No one tells you about the no more privacy thing once you have kids, and that went out the window FAST!) Anyways, where is a good solid hour for a workout going to come from? My 3 kids still all take naps, and I’m fortunate that they usually all nap at the same time, but let’s be honest, that is PRECIOUS time, and can’t always be counted on!

So back to the initial question… Where does my workout fit into all this? Let’s dive into MY tips and tricks that get the JOB DONE!

1. Always be prepared: I work outside the home for only 24 hrs a week, and the MOMENT I walk in the door, I change into gear that allows me to MOVE! Sports bra, tank/t-shirt, yogapants/shorts, and socks. (In case all those kids are down and I CAN get that workout in, I am READY to ROCK!) This, my friends, leads into my next tip…

2. Find opportunities within your day: Oh, you’re making lunch for the kids? Great, let’s do some calf raises! Outside pushing your kids on the swings? Perfect, how about after every push you do an air squat! (My hubs and I compete… that show off does squat jumps… whatever, let him sweat…) Playing with your little babe on the ground? Hello GLUTE toning time! Lay on your back, feet down, knees up, hold your little on on your pelvis and thrust! Waiting for your computer to start/download, tricep dips on the chair! I saw a quote somewhere along the lines of what you do one hour per day doesn’t matter as much as the other 23 hours…

3. Follow the 15 minute rule: This may seem a little harsh, but it works for me. If I find myself sitting for 15 minutes, I literally stand up and tell myself, “Lindsey, stop being lazy and move.” You can get an incredible total body workout done in 20 minutes! You’d only have 5 minutes left of sweat action if you’d have been moving! (Yes, I know we all need breather’s but for me and a 4am wakeup, I can’t sit still for too long. My friends can attest to that too.) We don’t watch much TV in my house, but I am occasionally sucked in… So if there is a show you MUST watch, use the commercials as your time to get your ab routine in, grab your dumbbells, push out some curls, wall-sits, your options are endless, Mama’s!

4. Visualization: The picture on here, of me and my hubby , and the “Are you Really hungry?” sign is on my fridge. BOOM! I see a photo of how I’d like to look again, & immediately rethink if I am hungry or simply bored. The photo and visual question helps you reconsider eating that 2nd, or 3rd mini chocolate cupcake of yummy-ness. If you haven’t hit your goal YET, find a photo OF your goal, and KNOW that you’ll get there! Another thing I do is keeping my free weights available, where I can see them, my hubs has got a great set-up in the basement, but since I rarely get down there they rarely get used (by me at least)

5. 2-week Goals: I don’t like to fail & have a horrible habit of giving up, (a vicious cycle, lemme tell ya!). So, I set goals for two-week increments that are easily attainable, but aren’t quite habits for me yet… e.g. drinking water when I feel hungry BEFORE shoveling food in my mouth, 100 push-up challenge 5 out of 7 days of the week, and NOT having any cupcakes… I usually don’t go past 3 or 5 goals. This helps me not only MEET my goals, but I’m more likely to turn them into habits!

Any tips and tricks to share Fellow Fit Mamas? I am ALWAYS looking for more ways to FIT in my FITNESS, without letting it take away from family time!

Photo Credit: lululemon athletica via Compfight cc