Rachel is an American living in England and stumbled across Skinny Mom’s website while looking for healthy recipes that she could easily replicate in England–since she can’t rely on finding the same packaged brands in the grocery store. Rachel wanted to know some general guidelines on what and what not to eat that cross international barriers.


Regarding eating out…

  • I try to make sure to read the nutrition info if available‚Ķhere in the states a lot of restaurants are posting nutrition info which is great!
  • I always steer clear of anything fried and go for grilled‚Ķalso be careful with added sauces and condiments.
  • Try to include fruit or salad if an option.
  • Ditch the breads and pastas when possible or opt for whole wheat and eat 1/2 the portion.
  • I love ordering off the kids menu or the smaller size as this can save a huge amount of calories.
  • Go for water or other low/no calorie beverages.

Some of my favorite quick restaurants to get healthy food include Chick-Fil-A, Panera, and Subway.