Here at Skinnymom, we often speak of weight loss as a journey and many of our readers would agree. While a few out there have managed to stay in top shape regardless of age or life changes, many others have had to make the decision to change, mentally and physically, and begin a journey to a new healthier person. There are few examples of such a journey as inspiring as Liana Sims.

Liana is not a mother, although she hopes to be one someday. Still her busy schedule and life time of bad habits led her to an unhealthy weight of 350+ pounds by the young age of 21. Liana was in college, desperately hoping to live and experience the adventures of her classmates but found herself limited by her weight.  “My freshman year of college I had bouts of depression,” she says. “One week, I cried every day. I slept as much as possible and truly hated my reality. In my mind, I was incapable of losing 5 pounds, let alone the 200 that I needed to lose.” Liana says she got through the moments; through school and necessary activities, but was never really happy. She spent most of her days sad and frustrated. “There were times that I would get so frustrated and overwhelmed that I would do things like hit my stomach continuously. Crazy I know, but being fat can drive a person crazy.” During her second year, Liana was invited to a dorm retreat.  It was on this retreat that Liana claims she finally had a breakthrough. During an exercise on fear, she realized that it was her own fear keeping her from losing the weight, not an inability to. She left the retreat with a clear mind and a determination to finally lose the weight.

Liana began with small lifestyle changes. She stopped drinking soda and juice and switched to water. She also cut out fast food, fried food, red meat, creamy dressings, heavy breads and pastas as well as late night eating. If she did have a craving for something, she would eat it early in the day so she’d still have some time to burn off the calories.  Liana then decided to join a gym and begin working out. After a year, she found herself at a plateau and applied for a spot on the Biggest Loser. After being rejected, she had two choices; give up or push even harder on her own. She chose the latter. She began taking spin classes, swimming and running on the treadmill. She kept a close count on calories and minimized packaged and processed foods. Four years after that amazing breakthrough at the retreat, Liana found herself healthier, happier and nearly 180 pounds lighter!

Liana continues on her weight loss journey. She is still not at her goal weigh but is not giving up. The only downside to her efforts is the excess skin on her body from the weight loss. She is hopeful that she will be able to get in contact with a plastic surgeon who is willing to do pro bono work. Liana continues to inspire others every day. She hosts a blog discussing her journey as well as videos on YouTube.  She hopes that others will learn from her journey and begin to make changes for themselves. As she puts it, “Don’t be so overwhelmed by the goal that you want to reach that it paralyzes you from making the necessary decisions to conquer. Victory over obesity happens one decision at a time. Discover your why, harness it and fight because you deserve the Freedom2Live.”

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