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Real Fit Mom Tami Stertmeyer Gets Out of Her Own Way to Get Fit and Fabulous

We all have excuses for putting on weight and we all have excuses for not being able to get that weight off. For many of us, it’s a lack of time or knowledge of what to do. For others it’s the lack of a support system. However, if you ask Real Fit Mom Tami Stertmeyer, she will tell you that the one thing keeping her from achieving her weight loss goal was herself. She says that every time she thought about starting a fitness program she’d begin to make excuses as to why she couldn’t do it. “My wine, my love for eating great foods with my husband, my busy schedule or my inability to cook were all excuses that I would use. If you are not all in – you will make excuses as to why you cannot do it or why it won’t work.”

After becoming tired of her own excuses, Tami finally made a plan. She realized that once she believed in herself and her ability to make it work, getting in shape wasn’t nearly as difficult as she had anticipated it would be. “I was in a time in my life where I believed in myself and wanted to hit my goal,” she says. “I just did it.”

To assist her on her weight loss journey, Tami enlisted the help of a trainer from Cincinnati’s own Keep it Tight Fitness. She says her goal was not to hire a trainer that she would have to depend on forever, but instead to build a solid fitness and nutrition plan that she could continue on her own. “I ate the same thing for a month at a time,” she said. “At first I thought it was going to be so hard and boring but I found out that eating the same thing became easy for planning and my body craved that food instead of getting tired of it.” Tami continued to meet with her personal trainer once a month for weigh ins, body fat measuring and new nutritional plans. Additionally, she read fitness magazines like Oxygen for inspiration and even purchased some Clean Eating cookbooks. In only one month, Tami was able to drop from 29% body fat to 20.17% body fat and lost a total of four pounds. She even claims that the positive results leave her excited to step on the scale each month and have her body fat measured, and she now feels positive that she will reach her long-term weight loss goal.

Tami does identify with other moms out there and their struggle between taking care of themselves and caring for everyone else. She claims that the first step to making it happen is just committing to doing it. She also believes that hiring a trainer for accountability purposes can be very helpful for those who struggle to take some “me” time. Her best advice for other moms is to, “Make yourself a priority – knowing that in order for you to be your best self to others, you have to be your best self to yourself first. Always attach a date for your goal; use vision boards, surround yourself with things that keep your eye on the prize and reward yourself.” Let’s face it ladies, is there any greater reward than looking in the mirror and being happy with yourself? I think not!

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