Sherry Tidwell, Before and After

Most of us can relate to the toll being a mother takes on the body. Whether it’s the weight gain from a pregnancy, a lack of time for one’s self or the exhaustion that takes over and convinces us to choose pizza over cardio, we have all had our own experiences with body dissatisfaction. Of course when faced with such obstacles we all have a choice; learn to live with what we have become or make an effort to improve. For Real Fit mom Sherry Tidwell, there was no other option but the latter.

Sherry Tidwell hadn’t always struggled with her weight. When she was younger and in sports being in shape seemed to come effortlessly. However, in August of 2005 after the birth of her second child, Sherry was horrified to find that her weight had climbed to nearly 250 pounds.

“I remember the exact moment that I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she says. “I was pushing the baby stroller up a small hill to get to the football fields where my eight-year-old son was practicing. By the time I got to the bleachers, I was drenched in sweat and completely out of breath.  I knew I did not want this to be my life any longer.  So instead of sitting with the rest of the moms gossiping while the boys practiced, I started walking around the track.”  Sherry Tidwell

Sherry decided not to give up despite the exhaustion that overwhelmed her. She forced herself to walk every single day, as far as she could for at least 21 days. That 21 day plan rolled into a year, and with some additional help from Weight Watchers, Sherry was able to lose 100 pounds. “I now weighed 150 pounds,” she says. “At 5’8”, I carried the weight well at a size 7. However, I knew I could still improve. With all of the cardio, I was just simply a smaller, flabby version of my bigger self.  So I began adding weight training, increasing protein and eating small healthy meals every three hours into my fitness & nutrition routine.  I had met a guy at the gym and he suggested that I read “Body for Life”.   This “DIET” soon became my lifestyle and over the next few months, I completely changed the shape of my body.  I was soon morphing back into an older version of the tall, lean dancer and sprinter that I was in college.”

Although her journey was not an easy one, Sherry did not give up on achieving the body she wanted. Through a grueling divorce, losing her home to a fire, raising two young boys on her own and leaving her home in Alabama, Sherry continued to stay positive and motivated. Her lifestyle changes and relentless effort finally paid off and led to amazing rewards both physically and personally. She met her current fiancé Brent, had the privilege of training with Gaspari model and 2007 Ms. Bikini Universe, Marzia Prince and was able to achieve her leanest body yet; 127 pounds and 10.5% body fat.

Sherry believes that every mom has the ability to build the body of her dreams, and claims that the following are the building blocks to staying on track and focused:

  • Don’t have time?  Who does? Make it!

Get up before the kids, work out at lunchtime or  while watching television. Do plyometrics, lunges or jump rope through the commercials.

  • Don’t have money for the gym?

You would be amazed at what you can do with some dumbbells, a bench and a jump rope!!  Or simply find a hill to lunge or sprint up or a local football stadium to run stadium steps.

  •  Don’t have the energy or motivation? Do it anyway!

Try ONE program for at least 21 days straight.  Look online, in a magazine, hire a trainer or make one up yourself.  But do it every day come hell or high water (kids, career, drama or trauma!!) Consistency is the key.  Call it what you want; “slow and steady win the race” or  “tortoise and the hare concept”, but there is something about focusing in and taking action every day on ONE program regardless of the circumstances happening around you and the emotions or lack of that you are feeling that enables a mundane task to become cemented as a habit into your life.

  • There are no more Mondays!

“I’ve blown it this week.  I’ll start my diet on Monday and this time I’m really going to do it”. How may times have you told yourself this lie?  If you cheat or eat badly just get back on track with the next meal, not Monday, because Monday never comes!!!!  The same with working out.  If you miss a workout, just do something physical that evening or as soon as possible whether it is jumping jacks or pushups.  Do something, lest you do nothing.

So what are you waiting for? The body of your dreams is out there (and so is that size 4 little black dress). Stop making excuses, start making a plan and do it. You’ll be amazed to see the person who’s been living inside of you.