Jenee Horne was always an active woman. Even with the sweet temptations that Southern living and Southern cooking brought, she always managed her weight well. “I have always enjoyed sports and competition,” Jenee said. “I played softball, ran track and danced.”

At the age of 21, Jenee moved from her home in the South to the big city of Orlando, Florida. It was here that her interest in fitness truly peaked. She tried new activities such as rollerblading and yoga, and even began to educate herself on nutrition. Two years later, Jenee discovered running and the magnificent high that accompanied it. “I had always loved sports, but running was different,” she said. “I felt healthy.”

Unfortunately, her healthy lifestyle could not compensate for the unhealthy relationship that she found herself in. Jenee began to use running as an outlet and claims, “Running became my therapy. When I ran I felt like I had something that was all mine, something no one could take from me.” She said that running gave her strength and confidence, and on those nights when worries kept her awake, she would run to clear her mind.

Eventually Jenee escaped her unhealthy relationship in Orlando and returned home. Mixed emotions about the ordeal spiraled her into a slight depression, and instead of running and being active as she had her whole life, she instead found herself wasting the days sleeping and over eating. She recalls, “One day, I ate an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting. Before I knew it, I had gained 15 pounds.”

With the help of her brother, Jenee slowly reclaimed the vivacious woman living inside of her. She went on to meet her current husband who she describes as, “a skater and all-around incredible man.” The two married on the beach in Destin, Florida in 2009 and together raise two children; Gabrielle (Jenee’s step daughter) and Emmett (her and her husband’s 16-month-old son).

Jenee continues to stay active through hiking, biking, spinning, running and lifting weights. She even ran her first half-marathon at 4 months post-partum. She also recently found another piece of her that had been missing for years; a stronger connection to God. She claims it is that connection that provides strength to her entire family and keeps them moving forward.