Dea Myers (Before, After)

Like many of us, Dea Myers is a busy mom. Between family commitments and a full time career, she often found herself with little free time. Although once very athletic and physically fit, in 2009 Dea found herself in a shape that was almost unrecognizable to her. “I weighed about 200 lbs,” she says. “About 5 years prior, I was diagnosed with a Thyroid disease. Not being able to lose the weight was a huge strain on me.”

In addition to medical issues and a full schedule at home, Dea had no time to make the commute to the gym and living in the frigid Northeast meant that her outdoor activities were very limited. She admits she was an avid viewer of the health and fitness infomercials, often falling for the latest VHS or DVD workout gimmick. However, all it took was for her husband to place an order for the P90X program and in 90 days, Dea was transformed! “I thought it was just going to sit on the shelf and collect dust like so many other fitness tapes we owned,” Dea claims. “After a week I put in the DVD and haven’t turned back since!”

After completing the 90 day P90X program along with a few other Beachbody programs, Dea found herself with a happier and healthier life as well as a body that was 45 pounds lighter. With a new found body and self confidence  on her side, Dea decided it was time to pay it forward and decided to become a Beachbody coach and help others on their weight loss journeys!

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Sian Bitner