Lisa Miltenberger.

While some mothers struggle to get back into shape, others have realized that staying in shape is a lifelong struggle that requires dedication and full on commitment. Such is true for Real-Fit mom Lisa Miltenberger.  While Lisa did gain more weight then she planned on during her first pregnancy, she still remained active and was able to lose the weight within two months. The same was true for her second and third pregnancy as she maintained a healthy weight through aerobics, swimming and walking.

In an effort to stay fit post-pregnancy, Lisa works out at a gym called DM (Dedicated Motivated), where she not only has exposure to a wide variety of exercises, she is also exposed to discipline; the most important factor in her fitness success. She also loves to run and tries to squeeze in some miles between visits to the gym. Still, Lisa admits that fitness, especially after baby isn’t always easy. “Of course before kids it was a lot easier to find time for fitness,” she says. “I struggle everyday finding time to stay fit and lose weight, but it’s important to me so I find time.” “Finding time” for Lisa often means heading to the gym at 4:30 am while her family is still sleeping. In addition to her early morning workouts, Lisa also maintains a very healthy and clean diet. She typically consumes around 1,200 calories a day broken into three well balanced meals and two snacks.

It seems Lisa’s hard work and determination has paid off, although she claims she is still not at her true goal weight. To assist her in the final leg of her fitness journey, Lisa will be featured in Oxygen Magazine’s fat loss special issue due on stands January 3, 2012. She will be receiving advice from a fitness expert on how to lose the last 18 pounds she’s been struggling with in hopes to make Oxygen Magazine’s Abs special issue!

Lisa’s biggest piece of advice to other moms struggling to find their path to fitness is this, “Eat right and make exercise a priority.”

She also recommends checking out the fat loss special in Oxygen magazine to see if the advice she is given could help you on your journey as well.

Make sure to check Lisa’s print debut in Oxygen magazine on stands January 3, 2012!