Kiki Pineiro-Rupert did not always need her workouts. Most of her life was spent exercise-free and eating as she wished. However, back-to-back pregnancies eventually added almost 60 pounds to her usual 100-pound frame, leaving her staring in the mirror and having no clue who that woman was staring back at her. “I have always been around 115 pounds or less,” she says. “When I was at 160 pounds after having my second child, it was just too much of a change for me to be comfortable with. None of my cute clothes fit anymore, and I just didn’t feel as light on my feet as I did before.”

Kiki’s weight loss journey was not an easy one. Not only did she have an active 15-month-old to look after, her newest child had colic, often leaving her with only a few hours of sleep on which to function. Kiki was also still in school, studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies. Still, with all that she had on her plate, she somehow found the will and the way to make weight loss a priority. Kiki says her meals consisted mostly of meal replacement shakes in the morning and again for dinner and then a healthy meal like chicken or fish with veggies for lunch. She worked out two hours a day, taking an hour-long spin class in the morning and then joining her husband at the gym again in the afternoon to do weight training and an additional 30 minutes of cardio. In addition to changing her eating habits, she also began cutting out all drinks from her diet except for water. Kiki’s amazing dedication to her weight loss goal not only left her vibrant and more energized than she was even before becoming pregnant, but she was also able to lose 55 pounds in just four months! Kiki says her regimen no longer consists of two-hour-long workouts a day. She is now far less strict and is able to maintain her weight loss by doing regular jogs with her babies in a stroller.

Kiki Pineiro-Rupert is no stranger to hard work. Her dedication to reaching her goals did not always lead to fun, but it certainly did lead to results. Kiki says while she never allowed her weight to interfere with other goals in her life, the effort she had to put into losing the weight taught her that no matter what life throws her way, she can handle it and be successful; all it takes is dedication.