Kara Short is a Rochester, MN mom of three kids and a personal trainer. Until this past September she was a stay-at-home mom. Once her kids were all full-time students, she decided to become a certified personal trainer. However, she has always battled with her body fat. Read on to hear how Kara battled her BPI and carved out her personal calendar within the family schedule.


I had my three kids in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Even before kids, I was “skinny-fat,” meaning that I looked average in size, but my body had a high level of fat and very little muscle tone. My weight went up and down between each child, but overall I seemed to spread out. My focus was not fitness, but rather on surviving each day. I felt like I was drowning in motherhood. At my high point, I was a size 18. In the spring of 2008, we joined our local YMCA. I started out with some classes and hitting the treadmill, which resulted in some weight loss, but still not any real body change. In early 2011, a friend introduced me to a series of books about strength training. I had done some of the weight lifting machines, but was foreign to free weights. These books by Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove were life-changing! And body-changing! I learned to lift weights with confidence and to step outside my comfort zone.  I learned that lifting weights changed my body for the better, not the bulkier. I got leaner, tighter, and stronger! I also changed the way that I ate: no more refined carbs, but instead, fruits, veggies, and non-gluten grains instead. As a result, I’m a size 4.

My career started with people coming up to me in the gym and asking me if I was a trainer.  I’d say “no” like they were crazy. I had never considered a career in fitness. Then, I had a few friends (some of them trainers) tell me that I should be a trainer. So, the rest is history. I’m trained through NASM and it compliments my college degrees in science and recreation.

My goals for the future are focused on expanding my personal training business. I’ll train any healthy person, but want to focus on working with women and strength training. Too many women are afraid of it and don’t realize their own strength. My favorite motto is, “You’re stronger than you think you are!” I want to show my clients how to leave their comfort zone. I want other moms like me to know that even though they’ve had kids, they can still have a great body! I love that my kids and husband see what I’m doing and want to be healthy and active too. I want to inspire those around me and show others that they too can be an inspiration!

If you would like to hear more from Kara, check out her personal fitness blog here. You can also find her on Facebook!