Jessica Meyer had always been a healthy eater and in good shape. However, despite every effort, pregnancy still left Jessica with a 50-pound weight gain and a body that felt unrecognizable. “I felt unattractive,” she said. “I felt disgusting to my husband who has always been physically fit, thanks to his demanding military career. I did not want to be that lazy, overweight military wife.”

Despite a short battle with depression and anxiety, Meyer soon found the motivation she needed to make a change. She says her husband had always served as a form of inspiration to her, as he consistently keeps his physique in top shape, but when her best friend came to stay with her for a short period of time, Meyer really got motivated. “When she came to live with me a few months before our husbands came home, she was in amazing shape,” she said. “I knew that if she could do it, I had no excuses.”

Meyer soon began working out using the basics; a treadmill, some free weights and a Jillian Michael’s DVD. She says her typical routine consists of running intervals on the treadmill for 30 minutes in the morning (and sometimes again at night), walking during her lunch break and throwing in a Jillian DVD twice a week to switch things up.

In addition to working out, Meyer also began eating better. “In the past, I would just eat whatever I saw first that sounded good to me,” she said. “Recently, I have been cooking my lunches for the week so I know exactly how many calories are in it.” She says having lunches that are grab-and-go ready helps keep her on track and away from the junk food. Her daily menu consists of raw and steamed veggies, fish, chicken, almonds and fruit. Meyer also tracks everything she eats and her workouts on MyFitnessPal, which helps her to keep track of her calories in versus calories burned.

She does admit to having cheat meals on Saturdays, but still uses MyFitnessPal app to ensure she doesn’t go crazy with the calories. “It helps me when I want a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs,” she said. “I can see that I only have 200 calories left to meet my goal, so I only go for one egg instead of five.” Jessica does admit that being a wife and mother can make finding time for fitness a challenge, but she still manages to get in her sweat sessions. While she used to feel guilty about taking time for herself, her husband’s support has helped her realize that taking time to exercise should be a priority, and claims that, “a happy woman makes a happy mother.” Jessica Meyer is indeed a happy woman now, and with an amazing family and that new rockin’ body, who could blame her?