So many mothers can relate to how mindset can negatively impact an outcome. Whether you are embarking on a weight loss challenge, a new career or even thinking about tackling that spring cleaning, setting a goal with the words, “I can’t” placed in front of it will always result in failure. For Real Fit Mom Jennifer Polley, success came when she learned to control her state of mind.

While Jennifer was generally happy: happily married, two beautiful children and a little dream home, but personally she found that she was miserable. “I was so unhappy and it was a direct result of the way I looked,” she says. “I was happy with the blessings I had in life, but felt I wasn’t enjoying them the way that I could be because of how I felt.” Jennifer had tried to lose weight in the past but always found that a combination of her lack of patience, lack of confidence an inability to commit to a plan always led to short-term success followed by failure. “I’m an instant gratification person,” she says. “I would work hard for six weeks and be determined, but would always end up quitting. I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Polley says that this emotional roller coaster led to a vicious cycle of overeating followed by guilt, and guilt that led to more overeating.

Ten months ago, Polley had a day of reckoning with herself. She realized that the only way to know for sure if she could lose the weight was just to get up and do it. Her current workout routine consists of circuit training with a Jillian Michaels DVD two to three times a week, running one to two times a week and weight training one to two times a week. While Polley finds herself still getting used to some of the exercises, she no longer feels intimidated but instead looks forward to her workouts and says she is addicted to muscle. As for her diet, she typically begins the day with a Body by Vi Protein Shake. Her snacks usually consist of fruit or yogurt and while she tries to stick to turkey wraps or a salad for lunch, she always ends the meal with an Oreo cookie. As for dinner, while she tries to keep meals healthy she also knows she needs to cook what her family loves. Polley eats the same as her family for dinner but practices moderation, knowing that “stuffed” and “full” are two completely different feelings. Polley says it is her ability to recognize the difference between the two that has allowed her to maintain a somewhat normal diet and still lose the weight.

Jennifer Polley’s advice to other moms out their feeling trapped in their own bodies, is to just make a go of it. “Write out all of the reasons you want to get healthy,” she says. “Set a goal with an end date, be patient with your body and celebrate small victories.” Another piece of advice she has is to measure yourself. Polley claims that while the scale did not always showcase her hard work, the tape measure often did and had she not had that success to keep her motivated she would have likely given up. She also suggests trying short workouts and building your way up to longer ones and learning to eat healthier instead of believing that you need to starve yourself in order to lose weight. All in all, Jennifer Polley’s mindset proved to be the key to her new found confidence as well as her new rockin’ body!