Danitza Freigher: Before and After

Danitza Freigher’s story is one that many mothers can relate to. It is a tale of weight loss desperation due to baby weight.  However, the way in which Danitza conquered this somewhat inevitable demon, is truly inspirational.

After having her fist child in 2006, Danitza found herself in need of some major motivation. Casual visits to the gym and failed attempts at a diet would never be enough to satisfy her. She instead decided to give herself a true reason to work off that baby weight; she decided to compete.

Two years after her first child, Danitza delivered baby number two. A few months after the delivery, Danitza discovered she had an umbilical hernia and needed to have surgery. She then spent the next few months recovering before being cleared to work out by her doctor.

As a mom, you realize the importance of living a healthy life because in order to effectively take care of your family, you must be taking care of yourself FIRST!” She says, “It was at that time that I made a goal of getting back to my pre-baby weight, and stepping on stage again in an NPC Figure competition in 2009.”  Danitza Freigher

Danitza continues to compete and claims that her passion for training and competing has led her to discover a new passion; creating healthy recipes. She strives to set good examples for her daughters through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and tries to instill in them the knowledge that in order to take care of others properly, you must first take care of yourself.