Like most moms, Cayla Schenck had her share of roadblocks when it came to losing weight. She was a full-time mom with a husband who worked long hours. To add to the stress, Cayla and her husband live a life that’s literally always on the move. Her husband’s job as a lineman keeps them traveling year round and to accommodate the endless moves. The couple and their child have made their home a five-wheel trailer. However, despite all the obstacles, Cayla made a decision to lose the weight and finally get healthy.

Cayla while pregnant

SM: What was your biggest motivator for losing the weight?

CS: My biggest motivator for losing weight was my family. I wanted to get back into shape so when Wesson (my three-and-a-half-month-old son) starts running around I would be able to keep up. I want to show him how to make healthy decisions and how to enjoy being active outside. I want to lead by example.”

SM: What was your biggest obstacle?

CS: “My biggest obstacle was finding time. My husband, Mike, works 12-14 hours six days a week so I had to get up and run before he would head to work. I also had to fit my workout videos in between Wesson’s nap times.

SM: Did you have a strong support system? If so, do you think you would have been as successful without it?

CS: My husband is my very own support system! He is a typical “go run 5 miles and not break a sweat then eat a box of Oreos and not gain an ounce” kind of guy. He had to make the sacrifice of not having junk food in our cupboards and be the test guy for my experimental healthier dinners. He has been such a great sport and even admitted missing my cooking while I was home visiting.

SM: Please describe in detail your exact exercise program as well as a “day in the life of” your weight loss diet.

Cayla with her running buddy Remmi

CS: My exercise routine is pretty simple. I recently started the couch to 5K program and absolutely love it. I had been building up my stamina to run a 5K and I felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere now that I have a plan I’m sticking to I feel like I’ve come along ways in my running ability. I get up before Mike goes to work at 4:30 a.m. I do the “c25K” three times a week and I walk and jog on my own the other four days. I have about 45 minutes before Wes wakes up to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I am at the point where I can do all levels, so I just rotate through all 3 throughout the week. I really enjoy the DVD because of the time crunch. It’s only 20 minutes long and I feel like it really tones up my whole body. Sunday is my day off from Jillian, but on Sundays we typically find a hike or walk to take the family on.

My food journal looks relatively the same each day. For breakfast I enjoy plain old oatmeal. For lunch I have iceberg lettuce with cherry tomatoes, sliced up ½ of an avocado, diced up string cheese on top and for dressing I have olive oil with salt and pepper. For dinners I rotate through a few recipes including skinny enchiladas, crock pot lasagna, foil dinners, stir fry, homemade pizzas, healthy mac n cheese, and our favorite chicken tacos with our homemade salsa. For my sweet tooth I have my afternoon iced coffee with a little non-fat milk and fat-free vanilla creamer. I snack all day long, never going longer than two hours without eating. My snack list includes: low-fat yogurts, veggie chips, Wheat Thins, strawberries (or any fruit), snap peas and carrots. I also have a sweet spot for my homemade peanut butter; I can eat spoonfuls at a time of that stuff! Cooking in our trailer can prove to fairly difficult, but I’ve managed to make it work and love cooking now. It’s a fun challenge to find a favorite meal, such as my recent recipe General Tso’s Chicken, and simplify it to fit our lifestyle. Sunday night is also our prep night. I cut up my head of lettuce and fill seven mason jars so come lunchtime I just grab and throw my topping on it. We wash and cut up all of our fruits and vegetables for easy snacking. I also don’t count calories anymore unless I find myself getting off track and needing a “gut check.”

SM: What do you think was most helpful in getting the weight off?

CS: My husband was most helpful in getting the weight off. I knew what my goals were and I was motivated but on weak days he always came up with ways to encourage me to keep going.  He would search and find hikes for us to do to keep my exercising fun.

SM: Why did you decide to start writing the blog?

CS: I first decided to start my blog because I could type faster than I could write; I’ve kept normal journals my whole life. My intentions when I first started it wasn’t to ever share it with the internet world but when I decided to travel with Mike it just seemed like a good time to put it out there. It was a huge step for me to quit my career and go live in a trailer on the road. What sane person would do that?! It was hard but it was the best decision I could have made. My husband is a 6th step apprentice lineman, who has worked in 8 states in the past 3 years. He travels wherever the job is. We live in our 5thwheel toy hauler trailer (our baby’s nursery is in the “garage” section. I’m so happy with how it turned out!) Being a lineman’s wife is a hard/busy lifestyle. We actually just got the call today we’re moving from Colorado to Montana by Monday. Things change just like that. It just seems easiest to explain and tell stories of our adventures through my blog. We have a very large family and I feel like this is the perfect way to stay connected with them. Also if my blog offers any other line wives support than I say it’s worth putting my whole life, dirty details and all out for people to read. I really think home is where you make it and for us it’s wherever we park it.

SM: What is the best thing about being in shape now?

CS: The best thing about being in shape now is it’s easy. I got over the lifestyle change hump and this is just normal now. I don’t think anything of it when my alarm goes off and it’s time to run. It’s fun challenging myself daily to run a little faster and longer. My morning jog is my “me time.” It’s my time to sweat out my stresses, plan my day, and give thanks for all my amazing blessings.

SM: If you could give other women out there who are struggling to lose weight one piece of advice, what would it be?

CS: My one piece advice would be don’t give up and drink lots of water. Okay, that’s two but just keep faith in yourself, always keep your goals in mind, and learn to love your water!