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If you are like me and barely have time to sit down and enjoy silence but you are dying to read a good book, I have found a solution for us! You can get a free 30 day subscription to and download those books that you have been dying to read but just cannot find the time! I am OBSESSED with this website, and ‘there is an app for that’! I downloaded the app and now I listen to my books while I am working out, driving to work, or getting ready for work.


If you have very little focus or simply not enough time, this application is AMAZING! It has made me run longer and completely forget that I am even running, because I am so into the book itself. You can increase the voice speed, set a timer, or even add a bookmark. Currently I am reading “Women, Food, and God” By Geneen Roth and have almost finished the entire book in three days! Even though I don’t have the time or the focus, I have found time through listening to books! Check it out and you will not be let down.