EAT red kitchen letters

In honor of St. Valentine and the month of February, we have rounded up red kitchen products we absolutely love! Whether you have a red kitchen or just need a bright statement piece for your kitchen, any of these crimson colored products will look amazing in your home.

“Eat” Red Kitchen Sign: Add a touch of retro 50’s style to your kitchen with this EAT sign. Maybe this will help the kids and hubs remember to eat in the kitchen  and not in front of the TV!

eat sign

Bodum Brazil 34 Oz. French Press with 2 Mugs: French press coffee makers are super popular right now and rightfully so! They make an impressive cup of coffee at the strength that you like without the giant price tag that comes with a fancy coffee maker. We are loving this red press that comes with a set of 2 mugs.



The Treat Life Container: We’re aren’t sure about you, but this adorable container takes us back in time and reminds us of the old gum ball machines. Keep cookies or candies or even doggie treats in this container. This pop of red will look great on your counter!


treat life container

Paper Mosaic: Transform your kitchen in no time with this removable, reusable wallpaper. If you have always wanted that designer wallpaper look but couldn’t afford it, then this is the perfect pick for you! No need for a professional decorator, this is DIY at its finest.

paper mosaic

Gamago: Angled Silicone Spatula: This spatula totally rocks! Heat-proof up to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe, you’ll never have to fret about pancake flipping again!

the flipper


Trudeau Flex Pot Clip: It may look a little odd, but this tool is going to be one of your new favorites. Just clamp it to the pot or pan you’re cooking with and you have a perfect place to rest your cooking utensils. Get rid of the drips and drops on your countertop with this Flex Pot Clip.


pot cling

Chef’s Planet Measuring Colander: This is a simple but brilliant product! Have you ever had a recipe that calls for a certain amount of a cooked ingredient, like pasta for example? Typically, you would have to dirty one pot boiling the pasta, then dirty a strainer, and then, finally, dirty a measuring cup. This colander allows you to strain and measure all in one, simple step!

chefs planet strainer

Rotary Cheese Grater: Grate cheese over your favorite Skinny Mom dishes with ease! This rotary cheese grater is quick and efficient. Plus, it comes in four colors to match every kitchen, including crimson.


Bodum Stand Mixer: If red is your color, you need this statement mixer on your countertop! The Bodum mixer comes complete with 700 watts of power, three attachments, and a large stainless steel mixing bowl to tackle all of your cooking tasks!

bodium mixer

Savora: Can and Bottle Opener: Replace three kitchen gadgets with this one handy opener. It pops open twist off tops, bottle caps, and cans! Clean up and minimize your kitchen tools drawer by adding this to it.

savora can opener

Nostalgia Electronics: Retro Air Popcorn Maker: A necessity for at-home movie night! This retro popcorn maker cooks the kernels with air rather than oil which means it helps to cut way back on fat and calories. 

retro popcorn

Red Wall Mount Bottle Opener: If you’re looking for just a small addition of red to your kitchen, how about this retro wall mount bottle opener? Although your kids might not know what to do with it, we’re sure the adults in the house will!

wall bottle opener

Kitchen Utensils Digital Print: Don’t forget about hanging fun artwork in the kitchen to add a pop of color, like this red utensils print from etsy seller, AldariArt. If you’re looking for another color, don’t worry – she has plenty to choose from!


Red kitchen utensils framed print

Nostalgia Electrics Compact Refrigerator and Freezer: Fridge space maxed out and no solutions? Now you have one with this red retro mini fridge from Nostalgia Electrics. This icebox has a separate freezer and over 3 cubic feet of capacity. Surely you can find a special place in your kitchen for this little guy!


red fridge

Fiammetta Apron: You know us…we love a good apron! And this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. Perfect for use during the day and stylish enough for when you have guests over. This will be one of your new favorites!

red apron

Single Light Pendant: Looking to update your kitchen lighting? These fabulous red pendants would be perfect hanging over an island or kitchen table and would add just a splash of color.



Hot Mess Cutting Board and Spoon Rest: For all you tricksters and jokers out there, this cutting board and spoon rest seems perfect for you! Spaghetti sauce? Tomato soup? Ketchup? Nope. Just a “fake” mess.

hot mess cutting board and rest

Kikkerland “Safe” Kitchen Timer: Keep your kitchen safe with this magnetic timer that looks like a safe lock. Timer goes up to 60 minutes and has a magnet on the back so you can easily pop it on your fridge.

kikkerland timer

Do you have any kitchen accent colors? What are some of your favorite bright kitchen gadgets?

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