Even though I am not a “mother” yet, I have been a mom to 2 of the most precious cats in the world for the past 8 years. In 2003, my college roommate and I decided to take in two stray cats, Razz and Coco. They were the most precious things I had ever seen. When we found them they were only a few weeks old. We had discussed getting a pet for our apartment right before we found the two of them, so the timing was perfect. We took them in and gave them the best life possible. They were both extremely loving and friendly, and we were blessed to have found them.

After our college years had come to a close, my roommate decided she was going to relocate and move in with her boyfriend. Since her boyfriend despised cats, we decided that I would keep both Razz and Coco. I was thrilled with this decision because I was so attached to both of the kitties, and I couldn’t imagine separating them.

Fast forward a couple of years later and I met my future husband. I was praying that he would love my cats as much as I did. My husband did not have a pet as a child, so I wasn’t sure how he would feel about them. However, a few months into our relationship he was in love with them and they adored him. I was elated! So for the past 6 years we have spoiled them together.

However, last year Razz’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse. After an afternoon at home with him, I noticed that he kept closing one of his eyes, and struggled to keep it open. So I took him to the vet immediately and within hours we learned that what we thought was a minor issue was critical. Razz had cancer and it was extremely aggressive and had spread throughout his body. The doctor advised that the nicest thing we could do was to put him to sleep. We took him home that night and talked it over. Unfortunately, the outcome was inevitable. Within a few days, he stopped eating and it was obvious that he was in a lot of pain. So on March 12, 2010, we said goodbye to one of our best friends. To this day it was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. But we couldn’t stand to see him suffer; it wasn’t fair to him.

Returning home, we were both in a daze and couldn’t believe that he was gone at such a young age. Seeing his brother there without him was heartbreaking. Since that day, we have discussed getting another cat to keep Coco company numerous times. Coco has never responded well to any other animal besides Razz, so every time we discussed it, we decided against it. Instead, we wanted to just enjoy our time with Coco.

Coco has always been a healthy cat, however, over the past 2 weeks his eating habits have changed immensely. He began only eating half of his normal amount of food. Then, last week he began showing other signs that he wasn’t feeling well. When we pet him, he would duck away from us as if he was in pain. He began sleeping downstairs at night, which he had never done before. We knew something was up, so we took him to the vet last Friday. They said he had periodontal disease, needed a teeth cleaning and possibly some extractions. He had lost 3 lbs, but the vet was hopeful that it was due to his oral issues. The vet wanted to do an x-ray to rule out other possibilities for his weight loss, but Coco was extremely upset and would not cooperate. So we decided that before his oral surgery, and once he was under anesthesia, we would get the needed x-rays. After reviewing the x-ray, the doctor called me with the unthinkable. Coco had CANCER. How could this be? We were shocked and devastated. We both headed directly to the vet’s office to get more details. It was worse news when we arrived. The doctor told us that Coco’s cancer had spread all over his body and there were not many options. His cancer was so aggressive that surgery would not help and chemo therapy would only buy us days. Again, the vet recommended that we put him to sleep so he wouldn’t suffer any longer. So on Monday night we had to live out our worst nightmare, putting our second angel to sleep. It was absolutely terrible and we can’t believe he’s gone.

We are trying to stay strong and remember the wonderful years we had with each of them. Their sweet demeanor and infectious meows will never leave our memories. We will love them forever!