My butt has been the bane of my existence for most of my adult and teenage life.  It is my “trouble zone”.  So, when I had the opportunity to test out brazilian butt lift, I thought why not…maybe this is the answer.  So yesterday, was the first day of trying the program and here is the initial review.

The program:  The program comes with an instructional DVD, DVD cards, a band, a tape measure and a pencil to do the pencil test.  The pencil test is to see if you rear end is able to hold up the pencil in the crease  (the area where your rear meets your legs) and not fall out, let’s just say an earthquake wouldn’t have shaken the pencil loose from the crease. The program also comes with a diet.  I am pretty ok with the diet.  It is a good deal of clean eating and if you are not certain about diet, it would be a good place to start.  The program alone is not going to work miracles for you, you are going to have to add some cardio into the mix…this is also suggested by the instructions.  The program is also tailored to the type of rear that you have…pear (that’s me), flat, too big or combination.

Beginners vs Advanced:  There are modifications for beginners versus advanced.

The instructions:  There are instructions during the DVD. however it moves quickly and I suggest that you watch the instructional DVD’s before starting.

My initial opinion.  Spot reduction is not something that occurs…it is whole body reduction.  However, I do believe that a little extra work in the rear end region could be helpful.  But, you will still need your cardio within your day.

Brazilian Butt lift is a Beach Body program.  You can purchase Beach Body programs at their website or by going through a beach body representative.  Kerri Barglof is the rep who has graciously sent the brazilian butt lift to the skinny moms.  Please email her with any beach body program questions.  [email protected].

Product was received for this post. However, opinions expressed here are my own.