Tracey has recently lost 47lbs. She has 43 more pounds to go to reach her goal of 90 lbs lost. However, Tracey is a mom of three girls–all under the age of five–and has fallen off the wagon. She just doesn’t have the energy or desire to workout out anymore.


Hope all is well and thank you for emailing me.  First off, congrats on losing 47 pounds!!  This is huge and something that you should be so very proud of!!!  Also, congratulations on your beautiful family…three girls under the age of five; I can only imagine how busy you must be. But how exciting and fun to be blessed with such an amazing family?!
My first piece of advice would be to stop being so hard on yourself. Instead of saying that you fell off the wagon, you should say that you have taken a short break from what you were doing, but you are still going to work towards your goal of losing 90 pounds.
It is extremely easy to get burnt out of doing the same things over and over. So, I would suggest that you continue to take a break from going to the gym for a few more days or weeks.  Set a date that you plan on returning to the gym or working out and stick to it.
In the meantime, I would suggest doing something completely different from what you were doing. Set aside 20 minutes for yourself, preferably in the morning, to do something active at home.  I would suggest stretching, doing a few exercises from home, taking a walk, or trying a hot yoga class…maybe even just a yoga video from home.  You need this 20 minutes. Just giving this small amount of time to yourself everyday will give you more energy and motivation.
I also want to emphasize that 75% of weight loss is your diet. It is very easy to overeat or slip back into old habits (especially around the holidays).  Even if you are not working out as much as you used to, I think it’s very important that you be mindful of what you are eating.  Drink 8 glasses of water and avoid sweets and sugars–unless you are treating yourself on special occasions.  I would actually recommend not eating dessert, candy, or sweets the entire month of December, with the exceptions of a holiday party, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This is something that I do every December and I have seen great results with maintaining my weight during the holidays.
Lastly, I would recommend setting another goal that does not pertain to your weight loss. Find an activity that is measurable by a completion date.  For example, maybe you want to run a 5K, take a gymnastics class, compete in a obstacle course, be able to walk 2 miles, etc.  Doing this will keep you motivated and working towards something besides a number on a scale!!
Hope this helps and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!