Lauren has recently had foot pain, which has prohibited her from running–her usual workout. As a result, she has slowly started to gain weight.  She was curious to know any recommendations on workouts/exercises to keep her tummy toned for the next two weeks or so that she is less able to be active.

Answer from Brooke:

I have a saying that I live by: “Abs are made in the kitchen!” Your diet is going to be 75% of your success when it comes to getting a tight and toned mid section.  I would recommend cutting out processed carbs and, unfortunately, your sugars.  Some big things that come to mind are cutting out soft drinks (if you haven’t) and to watch your alcoholic drinks (if you drink) as they are packed with extra calories. Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible and drink tons of water to keep you feeling full and energized!

Regarding your workout…

I would still recommend cardio first. But since running is out, I would try to do the elliptical if possible for 45-50 minutes a day and work-out your abs 2-3 days a week.

Here is a great routine…do each exercise for 1 minute with no breaks between moves. Do take a minute break after completing all four moves for 1 minute. Then repeat the sequence 3 additional times.

1 minute Russian twists
1 minute Bicycle Crunch
1 minute Reverse Crunch
1 minute Plank Hold
(rest for 1 minute then repeat sequence 3x)