I LOVE the endorphin rush that comes from a great workout or run! I actually think … nope, I know for sure 😉 that I am addicted to it. You know that feeling……like you are UNSTOPPABLE!! Ya, it’s pretty addicting!! This Pyramid Run Workout below is one of those adrenaline pumping, endorphin rushing, unstoppable kind of workouts – trust me!!I  Feel free to  throw in some extra drills to spice it up either by stopping and doing some lunges, jump squats, or burpees after each set, or at the end when you have reached the top. You may get some  funny looks, but they are only wishing they were doing it too!!

Here is a simple way to add some PIZZAZZ to your next outdoor run!!

1. Find a route that has a slight incline with a few lights posts in between all the way to the top.

2. From the bottom of the hill you would run  as fast as you can to the first light post and then jog back again to the start.

3. Your next run would be to the following light post, again as fast as you can, and then back to the start again.

4. You would continue this until you are all the way to the top of the hill, or at the last light post, thus the top of the pyramid.

5. Recover for a full minute or perform the extra drills and then make your way to the bottom again.

6. Your next run would be to the top again and so on, making your way down the pyramid.

**Remember, you want to run as fast as you can with the up portion of the workout and take the jog back for the recovery.

*Feeling extra strong – repeat 1- 2 more x

**If you are new to running, simply jog the up portion and walk back to start.



*** Photo Credit – http://nosugarsweetlife.com/content/happy-national-running-day