We’ve all been there; you’re sticking to your workout regimen but maybe you don’t feel like you’re giving it all you got. There are a few easy ways you can add some extra “umph” to your workout to either see more results in the way your body looks or an improvement in your performance.

  1. While it might seem somewhat obvious to some, one way to add more “umph” to your work out is to simply lift more. Progressive overload is actually the basic concept when it comes to great strength training. This means that  you need to place more demand on your muscles than what that they normally can handle. So as your muscles strengthen, you have to also increase your level of resistance.
  2. You can also increase the distance you cover during exercise. It doesn’t matter what type you’re doing- running, walking, biking, elliptical- the farther you go the more work you do. This is a great way to put some “umph” into your workout as it is the easiest factor to manipulate in your workout.
  3. Similarly another thing you can do to add “umph” is to get moving faster. Exercising at a higher rate of speed allows you to perform more in a shorter amount of time.
  4. Adjusting your grip can also add some extra “umph.” In strength training, you can change how or where you hold the bar or grip in order to enhance your level of isolation of specific muscles or groups of muscles. This can also increase range of movement and increase the amount of work your body is doing.
  5. Similarly, you can also change the position of your feet; and this goes for strength training as well as aerobic exercise machines. Adjusting the position of your feet can alter which muscles are being use and the degree of involvement they have in the exercise.
  6. Make sure you change it up a bit when it comes to your exercise modalities. Cross training and adding variety to your regular workout and often help you break through plateaus. Another way to do it is to add physical activities that are more demanding on your body into your exercise regimen.
  7. Another great way to boost the “umph” of your exercise is to increase and vary the elevation. Doing this makes your body work harder to overcome the demands imposed by gravity. You can increase the elevation by running trails or courses that include hill climbs or simply increase the elevation on your treadmill or other aerobic exercise machine if it has that feature.
  8. One last key point to keep in mind is that you should avoid leaning on your exercise machine while working out. While it does help you exercise longer and perhaps with more resistance, it actually off loads your body’s weight which in turn leads to a dramatic decrease in the amount of work you’re doing.