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If you’ve been following along with our monthly challenges, you’ll know that June’s challenge is the 30-Day Pushup Challenge! We are 10 days out from completing the whole thing, and thought you might need some motivation if you’re anything like us. Check out what some of our Resident Moms are saying about the Pushup Challenge below.

pushup challenge beginner

“I love the pushup challenge that Skinny Mom has been hosting so far for the month of June. I decided to go with the Advanced Pushup Challenge [pictured below] because it did look a bit more challenging for me personally than the beginner. I really, really like this challenge in particular because in a lot of challenges, you do the same move every day with maybe a day of rest, and you just keep adding on to the total amount of the exercise you are doing. I always find with those types of challenges that whatever muscle group that is being used gets very sore and fatigued very easily, and I typically do not finish them. I LOVE the variety in this challenge.

One of my favorite moves in this challenge is the tempo pushups, something I’ve actually never done! It really makes you focus on using your biceps and triceps, and going nice and slow, where typically I try to go up and down with a pushup as fast as I can! I didn’t think I’d noticed any results quite yet, but I just noticed that when I looked at my arms they were a little more ‘toned.’ If I had to give a piece of advice for anyone completing this challenge, either the beginner or advanced, it is to stick with it. We are over halfway there, you really can’t give up now! Even if you miss a day, it’s easy to catch up the following day. Don’t give up just because you may have skipped a day or two. I love sharing the challenge and videos of me doing some of the exercises because it’s nice to get positive feedback from friends and followers. It shows that people really are looking and watching what I post! It makes me feel great!” — Jessica Keipper

RM pushup challenge

Photo Credit: Jessica Keipper

“I chose to try the Advanced Challenge! I have several favorite challenge exercises, but my first pick would be plank reaches. I’m such an upper body weakling; however, when I’m doing the plank reaches I feel strong and can hold planks for several minutes. I love adding in the reach and can really feel an all-over core change! I have absolutely noticed results over the past couple of weeks. I have always been pretty weak, but keeping the focus daily with this challenge has surprised me in the gains that I’ve made! I’ve doubled the amount of pushups I can do as well as tricep pushups! I love the definition I am seeing and the strength and confidence that I’m feeling. My advice to others trying the challenge is not to give up! Modify where you need to. There is nothing wrong with lowering your knees; it is the same workout! Tell yourself you can do two more when you’re about to give up. Slow progress is still progress! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sharing my photos and progress online has made me feel more vulnerable putting myself out there for others to see. I have been amazed at how others shared their challenges and wanted to join in on this challenge with me. I’ve gained more self confidence and friendships with others that are on the same path as me. I feel more empowered to push through each day!” — Susan Jumonville

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“There were two reasons I signed up for the Skinny Mom Pushup Challenge. First, strength — so I can keep up with my sweet 22-month-old son, who currently weighs 31 pounds. Also for definition — since the end of the month will be spent with one of my best friends as we attempt to find dresses for her upcoming wedding. Before starting the Advanced Challenge I always thought I was good at pushups, but I have to say this challenge has truly challenged my abilities. My favorite exercise thus far has 100 percent been the plyometric pushups. I was happy I could do a few on my toes, but quickly learned it would be best to do on my knees.

My advice to anyone starting this challenge would be to incorporate it each day into your daily workout. An idea for those of you who love boot-camp classes — ask the instructor if you can do your own freestyle pushups. This way you don’t have to do any additional workout later that night. Second, if you forget a day (or two), group your make-up days together and try to add in free weights to really work that muscle group. Personally, I have really seen results over the past few weeks, and I know you will too! If you are a tad forgetful, I recommend setting an alarm so you remember to complete the daily challenge.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your progress and results on your social media channels. Earlier this year, NPR referred to social media as the newest weapon in weight loss. Not only does it hold you accountable, but it allows you to tap into a network of support and get cheered on by peers who share the same goals and aspirations.” — Treenah Kight

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Photo Credit: Treenah Kight

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“As a personal trainer, I will tell you that consistency is key. And that’s why I love this month’s pushup challenge. Whether you’re doing the beginner or advanced challenge, you have an easy-to-follow, realistic plan that will help you stay consistent and, most importantly, get stronger!” — Jordan Weaver

RM pushup challenge jordan weaver

Photo Credit: Jordan Weaver