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When it comes to the topic of strength, we often lead with ways to improve your physical strength through things like diet and workout. However, it is typically your mental strength that guides you through to reach your goals. The idea of, ‘mind over matter,’ has been around for years, reiterating the fact that if your mind believes it, your body can achieve it. For those who are struggling to flex their mental muscle, Women’s Health has a few tips to get you on the right track to achieving full mental strength.

Find a routine and stick with it: While sticking to a routine may seem boring, it’s the best way to ensure that neither your mental or physical stamina slips. Whether that routine is just a simple workout schedule, or it’s the act of planning out your entire day, whatever keeps you on track and your priorities in line is the best approach to sustaining your focus.

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Cancel out lack of motivation with determination: Whether your goal is to lose 15 lbs, eat healthier or to start a new fitness class, lack of motivation can be a huge set back in achieving that goal. We all have days when the couch and TV are far more appealing than the treadmill, and God knows a bowl of delicious ice cream is way tastier than chicken and broccoli; however, when the going gets tough, it’s time to get tougher and push through. Trust us, when all is said and done, you’ll feel better for having not given into to the call of laziness.

Find your inspiration: Who is your role model? Is it a fitness model, an actress or maybe even your best friend? Whomever has what you want, goal wise, try to learn from them. If it’s a celebrity or fitness model, read up on the steps they took to achieve that body. If it’s someone you know, ask to tag along the next time they workout. People who inspire us keep us motivated to achieve our goals, so fill your life with as many of them as you can.

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Work on the things you can. Forget the things you can’t: Look, we all have certain things about our bodies that will never change completely. If you’re 5’4” with broad hips and a round booty, you’re never going to look like a 5’10” Victoria’s Secret model, so give up the fantasy! That being said, you can tone up those thighs and lift that booty a few inches higher. God gave you what you’ve got for a reason… to stand apart from everyone else. Make the most of what you’ve got and stop trying to achieve the impossible.

Work towards a goal for you and no one else: Sure, it’s super sweet of you to try to achieve your hubby’s favorite celebrity’s curves, but in the end it will do you more harm than good. After a while, working toward a goal to please someone else can make you resentful, and at times can even feel degrading. Whatever you’re working toward, make sure you’re doing it for you and no one else.

By following these tips you can start to build a mind that’s as strong as your body. Remember, you can be a specimen of physical perfection, but at the end of the day, it’s your inner strength that truly keeps you going!