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There are actually fewer hours in a mom’s day — did you know that? Ok, maybe not, but doesn’t it feel that way sometimes? It’s hard enough to find time to brush your teeth and pee, let alone squeeze in a workout. Nap times and bed times are often good options, but let’s be honest, sometimes you need rest yourself! I love finding ways to get a sweat without sacrificing time needed to do other things — especially spending time with my little ones. Next time you head to the park with your kiddos, give this workout a try! I recommend starting your workout with a walk or jog — you pick the pace and length. Finding a playground either within walking distance or with great trails is a perfect way to get your cardio in beforehand.

playground with kids

Photo Courtesy of Fallon Lee

Once you’re at the playground, try this leg circuit workout as your little ones play. Repeat the five exercises three to five times for a real calf burner! And if you want to kick your workout up a notch, check out the “Pump it Up” version of several moves!

Lunges: 10 on each leg (Pump it up: walking lunges)


Calf raises: 10 regular, 10 inverted (toes pointed in), 10 everted (toes pointed out)


Squats: 15 (Pump it up: jump squats)


Step-ups: 10 (Pump it up: box jumps on a bench, stairs, anything you can use!)


Plié squats: 15 (Pump it up: tip toe plié squats)

plie squat

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Knock those exercises out, then hop on the jungle gym and have some fun with your littles.


Photo Courtesy of Fallon Lee