Printed Skinny Jeans are the celebrity rage right now… see them in every fashion magazine, believe me I subscribe to 100 most of them.

Before I start, let me just say that I am the LAST person who you would ever see in printed jeans!! Then one day I strolled into this cute little boutique, SaDee’s in Hammonton, NJ (look for my blog next week on great looks for Fall, courtesy of SaDee’s Boutique) and the woman behind the counter, looking ever so stylish, was wearing the cutest pair of printed jeans with a buttoned  denim top and black boots. I thought to myself, I can pull that off! Why not, right?   So I tried them on, and all I can say is Paige is my new favorite denim. They fit so well, I had to have them.

However the trick to wearing these gems and not looking like an 80’s throwback is to simply let the jeans be the focal point. And believe me, they will be….there aren’t many woman at my super market wearing cheeta printed skinny jeans… will NOT blend in with these jeans so be confident and OWN it!!

I paired mine with a simple long black tunic and black leather booties. That’s it….keep it simple. Another easy look was pairing them with a denim shirt, which is so in right now.  At first I was apprehensive; I was totally having a conversation in my head as to whether I can pull this look off, but you know what, part of the fun about  fashion is taking risks!  My favorite is Paige Verdugo Ulta Skinny Jeans, pictured on me! They are incredibly soft and fit like a glove!

So if you are on the fence about sporting a pair of printed jeans..JUST DO IT!! Who says you have to be in your twenties to wear the latest trends??  NO ONE! 🙂

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