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Nowadays, it seems as if it is getting more and more expensive to continue providing my family with healthy, nutritious meals. Combine that with the fact that whole, fresh foods are typically the first to spoil or rot, and we have a problem on our hands. In an effort to prevent waste in my home and make the most of my family’s budget, here are a few delicious and easy ways I repurpose foodstuff.

Peanut butter jar almost empty? Make overnight oats by combining equal parts rolled oats, Greek yogurt and a milk of choice with 1 teaspoon chia seeds and half of a mashed banana. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight to enjoy a power-packed breakfast!


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Gross… Spinach is wilted. No worries! Sauté spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables that are beginning to wilt in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Quick to cook down, you will have a speedy side dish in no time!

Too little leftovers to make a meal? Cue the “kitchen sink omelet.” Add the chopped leftovers to a greased frying pan and heat through. Add eggs whisked with milk of choice and let cook until eggs begin to set. Flip omelet and cook opposite side for a couple of more minutes and serve.

Brown, soft spots on fruit are the worst! What to do? Two things: Dice it up and freeze for later (Hello, smoothies!) or create a healthy version of a cobbler, crisp or brown betty using oats instead of flour.

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Limp herbs are depressing, but that doesn’t mean they are no good. Freeze them in ice trays with some chicken broth, water or extra virgin olive oil, then pop out when ready to use for a recipe. Otherwise, add them to meals like soups, stews or pastas for extra flavor. Once cooked, no one will be able to tell that the herbs were almost headed for the garbage.

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Morning is over but coffee is still left. Instead of dumping it down the drain, there are three great repurposing options.

  • Refrigerate in a closed glass container for an iced coffee later. You won’t have to worry about a watered down beverage, as no ice will be required to cool the coffee down.
  • Refrigerate in a closed glass container and use as a liquid base for smoothies, protein shakes or baking.
  • Freeze in cubes and pop into milk for a make-shift iced latte!

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