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“Don’t you just love being pregnant?” they would ask with a twinkle in their eye. As I tried to hold back my nassau and aching hips as well as the dull headache I carried with me almost all nine months, I would respond with a half smile, “sure.” While pregnancy wasn’t a glamorous journey for me, what I loved was knowing that I was part of an amazing mystery that initiated me into a whole new realm of life. For this short period, I was a pregnant goddess and thought I didn’t feel that way.

However, I was incredibly grateful being 37 and having a healthy pregnancy, so each day I took the time to sit and connect to this beautiful time that everyone just loves, simply offering gratitude. A daily gratitude meditation helps connect you to your pregnancy, and connects you to the magic that you are living and breathing, even if you don’t just love it! It’s easy and a wonderful way to prepare you for labor, but even more, a great preparation for motherhood.

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Find a quiet place in your house that tends to be clutter free. You don’t want to feel like you should dust first. Make a comfortable seat; for me it was on a couch with pillows for support.

Light a candle. I didn’t do this every time, but it is a sweet gesture acknowledging the time you are taking for yourself.

Place your hands on your belly. Close your eyes. Connect to your breath the best you can; if it is shallow because of your little one’s foot or hand pushing on your diaphragm, make the most of it. Sometimes breathing deep gives them the room to wiggle into a new position that isn’t as uncomfortable.

Envision a healthy growing child within your womb with each inhale, quietly repeat “I’m grateful” with each exhale.

Continue for as long as you feel comfortable. I always set a timer for 5-10 minutes.

Let your hands hug your belly. Slowly open your eyes with a smile.

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Now that my son is nine months old, and not knowing if I will be able to have another child, I am so glad I took the time to enjoy being pregnant every day. He is a healthy and happy little guy, that who knows, five minutes of offering gratitude every day may have done something. And well, when I see other women with their beautiful bump, I get it — there is a loveliness to being pregnant.

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