girls gym bag

OK, so we all kind of hate the girl that walks into the gym with perfect hair and makeup, especially if you’re the one disheveled and sweaty on the treadmill. We all think to ourselves, seriously? as she walks past. But sometimes, I will admit I am THAT girl minus the perfect hair 😉 Especially when I am working out first thing in the morning before class; gym makeup is sometimes a necessary evil. Now I am not saying I have full blown camera ready makeup applied (that would just be weird), but I do however, have a few simple products I apply. My motto is look good to feel good, and sometimes just a little mascara and gloss can do the trick.

1. Tinted Moisurizer

I LOVE Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. I have totally been into BB Creams lately, but if I am going to the gym I just apply a tinted moisturizer because it is lighter.

2. Waterproof Mascara

I NEED mascara and rarely leave the house without it. However, when I go to the gym I just put on a light coat. (very light)

3. Nude Eye Shadow

Yes, when I get hot my face turns red, which means my eyelids look less then glam!!! So I just put a dusting of  a Matte Nude shadow over my lids. MAC Orb is usually my first choice. Remember, barely noticeable!

4. Tinted Lip Balm

I prefer tinted lip balms over gloss because the last thing I want is hair stuck to my lips! Burt’s Bee’s Honey Suckle is my favorite.

5. Sweaty Band or Lululemon Barely There Bandana

I usually throw my hair on top of my head and wear a sweaty band to keep it out of my face. However if I am Spinning or doing yoga I am all about the bandana!! These are so cute, Love lulu!!!!

That’s it…….seriously only takes me 5 minutes and I am out the door and I feel better! So don’t judge…..unless of course you have Kim Kardashian working out next to you 😉

What about you? Is it silly to wear makeup to work out, or do you think exercise is no excuse to ditch your beauty routine? What products do you wear at the gym?