Over the last few months I have tried to incorporate “Power Hour” into my day. My chiropractor talks about his “Purposeful Power Hour” often and I have tweaked my own to fit me. Power Hour is simply your designated time for YOU before your kids wake up and your family day starts. Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed, especially when you know you COULD sleep an extra hour, but I think you will find it worth it in the end.
Anything can occur during “Power Hour”, but it is intended to prepare you for the day. My Power Hour usually is about 2 hours, but here is how it goes for me.

  • Wake up, contacts in
  • Exercise
  • Shower, make up, brush teeth (Yeah, a shower to yourself!)
  • Check emails, read blogs, Facebook, etc.
  • Start daily chores (laundry, dishes, a quick pick up of the house, bills, etc.)

You can also add:

  • Prayer/meditation
  • Journal writing
  • Meal Planning

This time is just for you; make it what you need it to be! My day truly goes so much better if I start it this way. Exercise is out of the way; otherwise it ends up getting replaced by something that comes up later in the day. Days when I hear a crying child before I am up for the day, just don’t seem to go as well. Try to incorporate “Power Hour” this week and see if your day goes any smoother.