My experience:

I have many women inquire about ways to return to their normal size and how to look and feel great again. Post baby weight was anything but easy to get rid of. Some women never have a problem, but for me it was painfully difficult. During my pregnancy, I stayed very active and continued working out safely in the gym with weights and light cardio. I’m ashamed to say my diet was not great! I ate healthy foods, but I also indulged in sugary deserts, pastas, & breads. I ended up going from 130lbs to a whopping 210 lbs. That’s 80lbs for a tiny 6 pound baby.

Four weeks post pregnancy I was back in the gym with more motivation than ever. My expectations were to quickly lose all the weight with the same effort I had been putting into the gym before and doing a little better on my diet. Little did I know this was not going to happen so easily! My body was not ready to let go of this weight. This is part of being a woman, our bodies are made this way to provide nourishment for our little ones. I tried everything including volunteering to mow the grass with sweats on in 90 degree weather. Six months post pregnancy, with a perfect diet and nutrition program in place, I began to have some satisfaction with all my efforts. It was a long grueling process and after about 12 months, I had reached an even fitter figure than before.

Here are a few things that helped me:

Mind Set:  Knowing that it is a process, it will take time, & trying to keep a positive outlook that it can happen was what kept me motivated in the gym.

Support:  It was mentally and physically difficult. Support from family, friends, and even my gym family was extremely important. It helped for people to notice my weight loss. I couldn’t always see when I was dropping weight because I just knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be yet.

Goals:  I would set out small goals for the week to accomplish. My overall goal was to compete in a fitness competition the following summer, which I did.

Motivation: I constantly looked on social media pages of women who had been in my position before. This provided a constant source of encouragement from many who will never know they helped me along my journey in changing my lifestyle and losing all my post-baby weight.

Tracking:  I took pictures every month to track my progress. This was great to see the changes. The scale isn’t always the best judge. Always remember that it took 9 months to gain all the baby weight and it can take that long to lose it.

Staying active during your pregnancy will help ease this transition as well. Find out more about staying active during pregnancy hereSo Keep Striving, Keep Motivated, Eat Clean, & Train Naturally!

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