Yes I do eat cheeseburgers after every competition! Just keeping it real! 😉

I personally know and hear about so many girls that lose or gain 25-30 pounds in between shows….yikes! That’s just crazy to me and so unhealthy, both physically and mentally.  I try to have a 5-8 lb. weight difference between my “normal” weight and my competition weight, (not my water depleted step on stage weight, which is usually down even 3-5 more pounds.) All competitors should know that those last few days of “weight loss” are really just water and not real fat loss.  There is no way to hold on to that weight in a healthy way and look that lean year round.

I call the feeling you get after a show the “post competition blues”. It’s just like any other big event that we wait and anticipate and prepare for….there is always a letdown period after it is all over.  The key is I find a way to create balance and give myself a reality check.  It’s a temporary high on that stage; one that I would definitely recommend anyone try.  You will know after your first show if it’s for you or not.  Just realize that no matter your placing, just reaching the goal of getting in “stage ready” shape is an amazing accomplishment so many others will never have the commitment to do!

After 20 years of competing, here are my pearls of wisdom to help avoid post competition blues:

  1. Compete for yourself and your own personal goal
  2. Find balance between preparation, family, friends, and “real life”
  3. Train for a body that you will be comfortable in year round
  4. Enjoy the “adventure” and give yourself high five for making a goal or dream come true

Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with the post competition blues myself, its normal.  I just try to re-focus on other projects, spend more time with family and friends then move forward into my “real life”! 😉