Many people, myself included, believe everything happens for a reason. Some stand strongly by this notion, while others whither at the validity when faced with obstacles that an obvious “reason” isn’t apparent. Published author, inspirational speaker, photographer and Emmy winning television producer (she does it ALL), Patricia San Pedro has always believed everything happens for a reason even when her world came to an abrupt halt, challenging her to stay true to her belief or to let it fade with her vision of a steady future. While I know many people personally battling with cancer or striving to support their loved ones, I’ve never come across someone as enthusiastic about bearing it all – the good and the ugly – to help others finally see the light in their own darkness.

In 2008, Pat was given the life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 1/Grade 3. Prior to this discovery, she led an incredibly busy and versatile life, harboring a plethora of roles in broadcasting and public relations, leading her to create her own firm in the market, San Pedro Productions. Four years later, she became a published author with her first book, Dish & Tell. One would think a cancer diagnosis would arouse defeat in such a hard-working, involved, business woman, but not Pat. She slid into her new role as a cancer patient with an open mind and heart, having faith in herself, her spirituality and her supporters.

Rather than drowning in anguish from this unexpected detour and the acknowledgment that her life had forever changed, Pat realized this journey was meant to be. It happened for a reason, just like everything else. Eventually, she discovered this “reason” which became the inspiration for her second novel, The Cancer Dancer: Healing One Step at a Time. In this novel, Pat illustrates her bravery and wears her scars as a badge of courage. She braved a double mastectomy, 12 months of chemotherapy, and finally breast reconstruction surgery. Her personal battle with cancer and her captivating expression of her journey allowed her to support the masses. She became a fighter, a supporter, a sister and a friend to cancer patients around the world. Through sharing her story of loss, rejuvenation, positivity, and belief, Pat fought the cancer head on and came out victorious, now happily living cancer free.

The Cancer Dancer is a read that will touch all. Everyone that gives this book a chance will truly benefit from experiencing the pain, strength, exhaustion and joy of this roller coaster ride we call life right alongside Pat. I encourage all of you to share Pat’s journey and relate it to your own through The Cancer Dancer. Laugh with her. Cry with her. Fight with her. And, most importantly, enjoy this beautiful life you’ve been absolutely blessed with her. Like Pat says, “Joy is a choice.” If your reality is blurring the path to this choice, I’m sure you will find your way back with the help of Positively Pat in The Cancer Dancer. And remember,

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about getting out there and dancing in the rain.

Pat’s personal vision for her future is to “continue on a path of health, happiness, abundance and peace, while being of service to others.” She hopes that she can “encourage women to deal with whatever life throws their way, in an empowered and peaceful way.  Always trusting that things happen for a reason. The only thing we can control, is how we respond to it and what we do with it.” So, help Pat help you! Visit her website at Positively Pat to learn more about her journey, follow her on twitter (@PatSanPedro) and like her on Facebook (Positively Pat).  You can also sign up for her newsletter, it may just be the positive boost you need to light up your day.

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